My Book Problem Child

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Something I’ve noticed over the past five years (which, by the way, is how long I’ve been writing novels with anything resembling purpose or motivation) is that almost every author I know has a “problem child” book. It’s typically not their first book that earns this title, and I think that’s because first books are […]

Nobody Told Me I Could Die Of Outlining

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Look at this picture, Grasshoppers. Yes. It is a picture of pants. Very cute green pants. But more specifically, it is a picture of what I like to FLY BY THE SEAT OF when I write. However, a tragedy has befallen my pants, and I fear that my days of flying by the seat of […]

Cliches I Enjoy

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One of the hardest parts about writing, for me, is avoiding cliches. (Other hard parts of writing: beginnings, endings, character development, plot twists, foreshadowing…oh, we don’t have time to list all the things I struggle with.) (Moving on.) I don’t want my work to be considered “cliche.” I don’t want people to roll their eyes […]

Cheating On Creepy Faces

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So, if you’ve been hanging around here for a while, 1) I kind of pity you because really, I don’t make a whole lot of sense, and 2) you’ve probably heard me talk about my Creepy Faces book. It’s awesome. And creepy. And I love it. But. BUT BUT BUT. I just finished reading Anna […]