Status Update: PULL and THE CLEARING 2; Also, That Dracula Thing

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Y’all, no joke, I just sat here for ten minutes trying to think of something to talk about. Does that ever happen to you? Yikes. The level of mushy going on inside my head? Is frightening. So I thought, hey, why not update everyone on a couple things? First and foremost: Back in July, I […]

The Promise Of Good Things

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I know yesterday’s post was tragically vague, but I needed to say something. Thanks for being patient with me and my vagueness. I am hopeful that things will work out in the next few weeks. I’ve got my game face on and I’m ready, baby. Plus, this week I’ve seen two signs of Good Things To […]


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The other day, I started reading my own novel on my Nook. I smiled as the familiar words flowed across the screen; it was like visiting old friends. But then I noticed something I wish I’d done differently. Just a small thing; a sentence that, were I writing it now, I would have worded another […]

Three Exciting Announcements, Plus One Exciting Reminder

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If you’re on top of your game, you might have noticed something different about my website. That’s right: The glamor shots in the top right corner are GONZO! And in case you didn’t know, “gonzo” is Mom-speak for the more commonly used “gone.” (And also the nickname of one of my BFFs, whose last name […]

Want To See My Query Letter?

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I have so many friends who are talented writers. And some of those talented writer friends are beginning the daunting task of QUERYING. (If you don’t know what querying is, this post probably isn’t for you, although you may want to bookmark it.) Writing a query letter is so hard. You can find tips everywhere […]