The Respite Project: Nominate Your Friends In Need

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Yesterday I received an email from my sweet friend Mercedes Yardley. She and I have never actually met, which is something I take SERIOUS issue with, but we’ve done some emailing. I try to convince myself that email is an okay substitute for face time. Anyway, Mercedes’ email wasn’t really about my novel The Clearing–in […]

Blog-Destroying Owls, Snarling At Goodreads, And Too Much Sick

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So, first things first: If you tried to get to my blog yesterday and were redirected to a YouTube video about the Top 25 Hollywood Sex Scandals, well . . . I hope you enjoyed it! NOT. Stupid hackers. Luckily, back in September when my site was hacked the first time, I signed up with […]

One Unpublished Book And Some Website Changes

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This morning I un-published THE CLEARING. Well, mostly. I un-published all the e-versions, but wanted to order some paperbacks from CreateSpace and was wary of unpublishing before they shipped my books. I could just see there being some huge snafu and me being on the phone in tears saying, “What do you MEAN I deleted […]


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Okay y’all, here’s the dealio… I’ve got some sort of devil-germs in my body that have attacked me with exhaustion, nausea, food aversions, and alternating bouts of narcolepsy and insomnia. Not to mention the VERTIGO, which is new as of this morning. This marks roughly one month of being sick with the DEVIL-GERMS. Yes, I […]

Saying Goodbye To THE CLEARING

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On February 18, 2011, after multiple rounds of revisions and editor submissions, I self-published my first novel, THE CLEARING. And on February 18, 2012, I will pull it from publication. I never set out to be a self-published author. In fact, when I put THE CLEARING up for sale, I only expected close friends and […]