2016: The Year Of ALL THE THINGS

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So, last night, as I was sitting on my sofa and doing a whole lot of glorious nothing, it struck me that 2016 is looking like QUITE THE YEAR. JANUARY: Releasing Voyage to the Star Kingdom on the 12th; possibly doing launch-type event? FEBRUARY: Releasing Pull on the 2nd; also throwing launch party at some point FROM NOW THROUGH […]

That Time June Turned Into September And I Hardly Noticed

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Grasshoppers: I write to you today from the comfort of my living room sofa, where, thanks to my new part-time work schedule, I have been quite happily camped out for the past two hours with this week’s issue of In Touch magazine. The sofa has been a delightful experience; the magazine, a most regretful one. […]

Choosing Joy: How A Stranger At The Grocery Store Almost Destroyed Me

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Most Sundays are wonderful for our family. We sleep until either our four-year-old climbs in bed with us or our two-year-old starts shouting about how full her diaper is, whichever comes first. We have breakfast. We shower and get dressed. We go to church. Today, I am sorry to tell you, was not that kind of […]