Pre-Famous Author Interview: Brianna Inskeep

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A Kentucky native who’s since moved across the river to southern Ohio, the lovely Brianna Inskeep is a part-time college English teacher and also the Program Coordinator for a National Endowment for the Arts program called The Big Read. When she’s not writing, Brianna spends her time taking care of her “high energy, mischievous, darling […]

Pre-Famous Author Interview: Shannon Messenger

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Of all the people I’ve met through blogs and Twitter, I think Shannon Messenger just might be one of my absolute favorites. Between her “Shannon Shame” features on her blog, which give all the hilarious details of her daily misadventures, and the adverb-kicking armadillo – excuse me, ninjadillo – she passes around to the rest […]

I’m Back!

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Hi, Readers! How are you? Did everyone make it through the past few days without a new blog post from me? …What’s that? You all had panic attacks and had to be locked in your rooms until just now, when I finally, finally blogged again and gave you a much-needed fix? What do you mean, […]

Pre-Famous Author Interview: Frankie Mallis

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Frankie Mallis is one of those people that just makes me laugh. When I found her on Twitter and then discovered the treasure that is her blog, I thought to myself, “What did I do before this?” Yeah… she’s that awesome. A Philadelphia native, Frankie has ventured out of her hometown once to attend Cornell […]