“So, Are You Still Writing?” – The Story of the Past Year of My Life

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Almost without fail, whenever I see an acquaintance at the grocery store, a friend at a party, or a relative at a holiday gathering, I am asked the same question: “So, are you still writing?” Now, this question comes in different forms, but whether it’s “Are you working on any books right now?” or “I […]

Because When The Camel’s Back Is Breaking, You Should Probably Remove That Straw

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Do you guys remember that super awesome plotting system I started using a few months back? Man, I LOVE THAT SYSTEM. It has worked better than anything else I’ve ever tried. I have HALF of a first draft written! It’s exciting. It’s rewarding. It’s… …half of what I was supposed to have at this point. Because when […]

I Blew All My Creativity Into A Kleenex

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Well, we’re sick. All of us. My husband had some kind of devil-infection that made him hack and splutter for about 72 hours straight, and Baby J, to absolutely no one’s surprise, seems to have caught it. (Girlfriend is like germ Velcro. If a germ passes within a radius of one mile from her body, […]