I’m Having A Breakdown; Also, The Lovely Heather McCorkle Gets Invaded By Her Character

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Don’t forget to enter The Clearing Giveaway Part Deux, running through the end of May! *          *          * Well. If I were to start this post with something like, “My, the end of the school year is busy!” or, “Goodness, when did life get so crazy?” or, “Hey, I’m not sure how much more of […]

The Incredibly Difficult Veronica Bishop Stops By For A Chat

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It is eleven-thirty at night. I’ve been asleep for two hours when my phone rings. It’s Veronica Bishop, the main character of my WIP, Synthesis. Veronica says she couldn’t sleep and wants to know if she can come over. Since I have a bone to pick with her anyway, I say yes. “Good thing you […]