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Voyage to the Star Kingdom COVER REVEAL!

Guess what, everyone? The cover reveal for Voyage to the Star Kingdom has come a couple of days early!

It is beautiful… it is perfect.

VTSK Cover

This incredible cover was designed by Russ Grimes at Arrowhead Creative, who happens to be married to my cousin Amy Grimes of Story Paintings, who did the illustrations.

(We’re a creative family.)

All of Amy’s illustrations are beautifully captivating, but the one we chose for the cover is one of the most powerful images in the story. It’s the moment the girls realize they’re not alone–that they never have been alone.


Together, they lifted the jar over their heads. The fireflies scattered into the dark sky, revealing a great host of other Angelfish around the boat. 

“When did they get here?” asked the youngest daughter.

The Angelfish replied, “They have been here all along. The King has many warriors fighting for you, whether you see them or not.”

“Warriors?” echoed the middle daughter. “I thought you were his assistants.”

“To assist the King is to fight evil,” said the Angelfish. “They are one and the same.”


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Voyage releases January 12 on Amazon. To read the story behind the story, go to my original announcement about the book here. And don’t forget–you can add the book on Goodreads, too!