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2016: The Year Of ALL THE THINGS

So, last night, as I was sitting on my sofa and doing a whole lot of glorious nothing, it struck me that 2016 is looking like QUITE THE YEAR.

JANUARY: Releasing Voyage to the Star Kingdom on the 12th; possibly doing launch-type event?

FEBRUARY: Releasing Pull on the 2nd; also throwing launch party at some point

FROM NOW THROUGH THE END OF MARCH: Revising Creepy Faces (nope, that’s still not the book’s real title), plotting an MG/young YA fantasy, continuing to dabble in the world of children’s book writing, and of course, teaching high school Spanish


And then we’ll hit the summer, and who knows where we’ll be at that point? WHO KNOWS?

Seriously, though, it’s an exciting year we’ve got coming up. And I thought maybe, if you’re interested, I’d give you a glimpse into how all this is coming together here at the end of 2015.

First, I have a planner. And I also have stickers. And this, friends, is how I can keep up with teaching, housework, children, friends, and books. (Oh, and occasionally exercise.)


As you can see, I’m a little behind on my plotting (the items that start with NW). But I get a sticker for everything I accomplish, and as I’ve discussed before, this particular reward system works almost disturbingly well on me.

(Also: I have one of those husbands who does LOTS of housework. So when it says “laundry,” that is very much a joint effort–it’s not like I’m having to do it myself. Because if I were, LORD HAVE MERCY, no thank you, see you later, please come again.)

My main focus right now is the launch of Voyage to the Star Kingdom, my children’s book with a very special purpose. I shared this on social media recently, but if you haven’t seen our first final illustration done by the incomparable Amy Grimes, well… LOOK AT IT.

Voyage Illustration 1

It just takes your breath away, doesn’t it? The colors, the dreamlike effect… I just couldn’t ask for a more beautiful representation of this family.

Then there’s Pull, my YA novel that releases February 2.


Literally just took this picture while sitting in my office, writing this blog post. You’re welcome for the candidness and the questionable lighting.

Anyway, I’m doing some ongoing publicity for Pull, and there’s a blog tour happening soon–not to mention an author interview video AND a book trailer done by the ridiculously talented Will Giuliani at Animedia Creative. Seriously, I cannot WAIT to show you guys those videos–they are going to be so amazing!

And then finally, here’s a picture of me plotting the next book I want to write–that MG/young YA fantasy.

Mad Plotter

(If you don’t know: MG stands for Middle Grade, which is like middle school-ish kids. And young YA is age 14-ish.)

So that’s me, in the floor with my posterboard and my sticky notes like some kind of psycho, aaaaand there’s my giant almost 25-week baby belly.

This is actually what I do every day. I get in the floor and I plot.


In conclusion, I leave you with these helpful links:

PULL on Amazon–yes, you can preorder!

VOYAGE TO THE STAR KINGDOM on Goodreads–yes, you can add it! And while you’re there, go ahead and add PULL, too.

Happy almost-Christmas, Grasshoppers. I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week!