Nonsensical Musings

How You Can Help “Voyage to the Star Kingdom” Set Sail

I’m still completely taken aback by the response to this children’s book. Not that the situation doesn’t warrant such a response; it certainly does, and I’m humbled to see so many people rise up to love on the Gieselmanns. The whole thing has just exceeded my expectations in the very best way, and I am so thankful!

Because so many of you have expressed interest in helping with this book, I’m going to go ahead and give you that opportunity. As of right now, here is what you can do to tangibly help Amy and me with this process.

  1. Share about this book with your church. Eventually, we’ll have a pre-order form and some kind of book launch event where Amy’s original paintings will be auctioned, and we’ll need contact people in the churches to spread the word about this.
  2. We’re looking for people in the media who would be willing to cover the story about this book, either as a feature or a simple blurb. Again, we’ll need someone who is willing to spread the word about events we do and how to buy the book.

So if you would be willing to be our contact person for your church, or if you work in the media and you would like to write a feature (or something) about the book, please fill out the form below and I’ll get in touch with you! I’ll send you a press release sometime next week, and we can discuss the details as they pertain to you and your church or media outlet.

Don’t forget, our official release date is January 12!

Thank you so much in advance!