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That Time June Turned Into September And I Hardly Noticed


I write to you today from the comfort of my living room sofa, where, thanks to my new part-time work schedule, I have been quite happily camped out for the past two hours with this week’s issue of In Touch magazine. The sofa has been a delightful experience; the magazine, a most regretful one.


In spite of subjecting myself to Kim and Kanye’s shamefully childish antics, it thrills me to report that morale, in general, is high.

…What’s that?

I hear whispers among the people… whispers that perhaps I should be using my newfound time for writing instead of lounging about with trashy magazines.

(Wait, those aren’t whispers. That’s just the guilty voice in my head.)

But I should tell you, Grasshoppers, in case you haven’t heard already: There is a third Riley child percolating in my belly, and at this point–a mere ten weeks in–well, I must admit that I struggle to stay awake after work, and lo, I nap. And I eat popcorn chicken. And I try to stop gagging because of random gag triggers, like diapers or t-shirt collars or talking.

(Yes, talking. TALKING makes me gag sometimes.)

All is well on the book front; you may have heard that PULL’s release date has moved from December 8 to February 2. This has been confirmed and is, in fact, 100% cold hard truth.


I am working on several very exciting things for you.

The first: An ongoing Instagram project (that took a brief hiatus during the weeks I was unable to look at a computer screen for fear of vomiting) that features quotes and locations from PULL. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can follow me on Instagram @annerileybooks, or you can search the tag #PullByAnneRiley.

The second: An official PULL playlist that will be available on Spotify. This is, perhaps, the most fun I’ve ever had making a playlist, and as someone who used to make mix CDs like it was her job, that’s saying quite a bit.

I’m making a valiant attempt to get back into the world of regular(ish) blogging, though this will surely be a less consistent process than I would like, as is the case with most things in my life.

Stay cool, Grasshoppers.

Stay cool.