448 Days

It will surprise exactly two of you that my spotty blogging this summer was mostly–90%, let’s say–due to my own lack of discipline and anything resembling a steady routine. I thought a lot about blogging, and I read some other blogs, and I came up with funny blog post titles in my head, but when it came right down to it? I stayed quiet.

90% my own fault–but 10% something else.

The “10% something else” was split into two parts:

1) I spent the majority of spring and early summer finishing a MAJOR round of revisions for my editors and had very little time to work on anything else. This edit was so large that when Agent Emma read through the new version of the manuscript, she described what I’d done as “turning the story inside-out.” In the end, I added about 20,000 words and made the novel roughly 500% better. Ultimately, I was SO glad to have done that edit because it needed to happen and it was totally worth it in the end. But wow, was it hard.


2) The editors I began with at Spencer Hill are not the ones I’ll end with. Long story short, there were some extenuating circumstances in June/July that required PULL to be transferred to a new editor, and for a while there, I was editor-less. And I wasn’t sure what to say or do because I still didn’t have a release date and I wasn’t really sure where we were in the process, so I just kind of sat.

And by “sat” I mean I played with my kids and edited other people’s manuscripts and did laundry.


The GREAT news is that I have a new editor, the fabulous Britta Gigliotti…

Hi, Britta!

And I’m listed on the Spencer Hill website as one of their authors (don’t have time to follow that link? That’s okay, I screenshot-ed it for you)…

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 1.46.33 PM


PULL by Anne Riley will release December 8, 2015!

Note: That is NOT this coming December. If you’re like me, you don’t quite know what year it is half the time, so take this as a gentle reminder that we are currently in the year 2014.

NEXT December.

448 days from now, if you’d like to go ahead and make a paper chain.

So from what I understand, there’s another edit letter coming my way from Editor Britta, and then after I finish those edits, I assume we’ll wash-rinse-repeat as needed until I eventually shine this baby up right, and then I’ll get a publicist and a cover and the book will go up on Goodreads and then we’ll start sending out advance copies and then PEOPLE WILL READ IT, and then I believe there is a good chance the book could actually be stocked in stores, in which case MORE PEOPLE WILL READ IT.

*breathes into paper bag*

Just kidding. Y’all know I don’t scare that easy.

Happy Tuesday, all, and thanks for sticking with me through this crazy publishing rodeo!