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My Thoughts And Feelings On ALLEGIANT (With Spoilers!)

GIANT WARNING SIGN WITH FLASHING LIGHTS: This post contains many, many spoilers about Veronica Roth’s conclusion to the Divergent trilogy, a little book by the name of Allegiant. If you do not want to see spoilers, I would highly encourage you to close this post and venture elsewhere on the Internets. 

I’m not kidding. This post will COMPLETELY ruin the ending of the book for you if you haven’t read it.




Now, if you HAVE read it, and you are one of the six whole people who actually cares what I thought about the book, by all means, proceed past the book’s cover, which is absolutely your FINAL warning before ALL THE SPOILERS are launched mercilessly at your face.

Okay. Giddyup.


Anne Riley’s Official Thoughts, Feelings, And Reactions To ALLEGIANT

The first thing y’all should know is that I made TWO vlogs about this, neither of which ended up being any good. Apparently, I am no good at talking about things in an organized and/or logical manner, so I’m hoping a blog post will be a little more cohesive.

The second thing I want to say is that Veronica Roth is still one of my very favorite authors, and I’m going to read everything she writes, unless it’s an instruction manual on how to mix cement or something like that. And even then, I’d have a hard time passing it up.

Yes, Veronica, we can still be besties.

So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Several people have asked me whether I liked the book or not. And I guess my general answer to that question is…

…sort of.


Don’t worry–I’m going to elaborate. And I’m going to divide my thoughts and feelings into sections based on the issues I had with the book.



I know a lot of people have problems with books where there is more than one point of view, but I typically enjoy it–as long as the characters have completely unique voices and I don’t have to guess which one is narrating.

Unfortunately, I had a really hard time telling Tris and Four apart. I often found myself in the middle of a chapter thinking I was reading the story through Tris’s eyes, but then she would appear in the scene, and I would flip back to the beginning of the chapter and discover it had been Four the whole time. Or I would think it was Four when it was actually Tris. I would have liked more distinction between the two so that this kind of thing didn’t happen as often as it did.

“Are you talking, or am I talking?”

(Incidentally, a YA book that did the dual POV thing super well–at least, in my opinion–was Across The Universe by Beth Revis. I never had any problem telling Amy’s voice from Elder’s.)



Oh, y’all. As a fellow author, I sooo felt Veronica Roth’s pain here. When your story is as elaborately constructed as this one was, it can be super hard to give your readers all the answers they want without doing a massive amount of info-dumping. I struggled with this a lot as I wrote Shadows, and had to work really, really hard to keep from just having my characters EXPLAIN everything to each other.

I was a little disappointed at the quantity of info-dumping in Allegiant. It seemed like most of the Big Answers to the Big Questions came in the form of one character saying, “Here, let me tell you what’s been going on,” as opposed to someone–Tris or Four, preferably–discovering the answers along the way.

Instead of feeling intrigued and engrossed in the story, I often felt a little bored, and that’s not something I expected from this series.



Okay. I mean…


I get that Tris is a very self-sacrificial person, and that ties in nicely with her Abnegation upbringing and also her Dauntless training. Going into that room in Caleb’s place wasn’t the first time she had done something like that, so it was consistent with her character. It made sense…

…except that it also made me sick to my stomach.

(I mean, not really. But I did get a little queasy.)

Now, I am not ABOUT to start demeaning Veronica Roth. As I said earlier, I think she’s a top-notch author, a super classy person, and an all-around incredible human being.

I just really, really, really didn’t want Tris to be dead. Here’s why:

1) It would have been super freaking awesome for her to pull a Harry Potter-type thing and go into the room expecting to die from Death Serum, but then she doesn’t, thereby maintaining her self-sacrificing persona while also rescuing everyone around her and still being there for Four. I would have even been fine with her having some lingering effects from the Death Serum. It didn’t have to be pretty or easy at all–I just wanted her alive and functional.

Like so.

2) Caleb wanted and needed to be redeemed. I know it sounds really morbid for me to say this, but he volunteered and he felt convicted to give himself up, so maybe he should have been allowed to do so. Tris going in for him kind of… made things worse, in a way, because now he’s got to deal with what he did to his parents and letting his sister die for him. GUH.

3) For all they’d been through and for everything they were planning, I wish Tris had felt more responsibility to stay alive for Four. He’d lost so much already and they had just started talking about their future together, and it kinda got under my skin how blasé she was about leaving him behind. “Tell him I didn’t want to leave him,” was more or less her message to him as she was preparing to go in. If I were Four, that just wouldn’t cut it.

Four does not approve. (I like to think if he had a teacher face, this would be it.)
Four does not approve. (I like to think if he had a teacher face, this would be it.)



In spite of my wishing things had turned out differently, I still love Divergent and will definitely see the movie in March. I still love and respect Veronica Roth, although I do wish she’d taken a different course with the last book in general and the ending specifically.

However, that’s the beauty of being creative: we all do it differently, and we get to do it however we want.


Now, in the comments, I’d love for you to tell me what you thought. Did you like it? Did you not like it? Do you agree or disagree with anything I’ve said? Let’s discuss!

9 thoughts on “My Thoughts And Feelings On ALLEGIANT (With Spoilers!)

  1. I agree with all your points. I actually couldn’t sleep after I finished it because I was so disappointed in the ending. It just didn’t give me closure. Well said, Anne.

  2. I agree with everything you said. I was bored through half of the book. And I especially agree about Caleb’s need for redemption. Tris’s death seemed to still leave loose ends. Not the neat loose ends of, “Oooh, I get to use my imagination to wonder how these folks end up.” But loose ends that now cannot be resolved.

    (I also agree about Roth’s talent, however! Still a fan, overall, of the series. And I want to go see the movie with you!)

  3. I think you nailed the major issues. I experienced them all too (didn’t realize it fully until you explained it so well, but those three major gaps all left me very frustrated at times). I know it was very true to real life, but I am just still not okay with experiencing all of Tobias’ grief in those several long chapters after Tris’ death. I just prefer not to travel with him down that long, emotional and still unresolved road. Not in a fiction book. Definitely my least favorite of the three books, but I still am a huge fan of this trilogy.

    1. UGH. Those grief chapters were BRUTAL. You’re totally right about not wanting to deal with that in a fiction book. Part of the reason I love fiction is that it’s not always true to life, and this one was a little too realistic, except not exactly in a satisfying way.

  4. Someone posted something on Facebook, so I know the ending even though I haven’t read the book yet. I KNOW, I KNOW….I need to read it…but I kinda don’t want to. I’d almost rather finish the story in my head and leave it at that….I dunno….but the POV thing irritated me in the 4 or 5 chapters I actually did read.

    1. You know, honestly, I think you’d be fine not reading it. Especially if you already know how it ends.

  5. I loved the books. Didn’t really have a problem keeping the track of whose point of view i was reading. I read all three books on a one week trip to Puerto Vallarta. They were a great light, easy read. Also wasn’t a fan of the ending. Looking forward to the movie.

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