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Apparently I Am Motivated By Stickers

Something strange is happening.

Do you remember the end of October when I said I was going to do this HolNo thing? And I was going to shoot for 1,000 words a day? And then we all secretly rolled our eyes because when have I ever stuck with a routine for longer than about five minutes?

But y’all.



I have written 1,000 words a day for SIX WHOLE DAYS. And I have SIX TURKEY STICKERS on my November calendar.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say I’m stunned beyond all belief that I’ve accomplished six days of consistency.

If I write 1,000 words tomorrow, I don’t just get a turkey sticker–I get a LEAF STICKER. And a leaf sticker means a PRIZE for all my hard work. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet decided what that prize will be, but rest assured it will be GOOD.

The alarming part of all this–at least, to me–is how motivated I’ve been by the turkey stickers. The thought of not having a sticker in one of the boxes on my calendar? HORRIFYING. I even drafted 700 words in the doctor’s office today because I was so determined to get my turkey sticker for the day.

So I have to wonder: what else might this work for? What if I gave myself a sticker for, like, cleaning a toilet? Or doing some laundry? Would it work the same way?

What if EVERYONE worked on a sticker system? Maybe we should award stickers for people every time they drive home without cutting someone off in traffic, or for every time they repress the urge to post something political on Facebook.

And maybe, instead of dollars, we should use stickers for our currency. The little star stickers could be worth less than, say, the sparkly heart stickers, which would be worth only slightly less than flower stickers. The highest form of currency would be My Little Pony stickers, which I think goes without saying.

Really, you could get people to do ANYTHING for the right kind of sticker. “Sir, would you mind letting me go ahead of you in this grocery line? I’m in a hurry. Oh, I understand your hesitation, but LOOK. I have an IRONMAN STICKER with your name on it.”

This might be something, y’all.

Are you using the sticker system for anything? How is it working? And for all you NaNo-ers and HolNo-ers out there, how is your manuscript coming along?

8 thoughts on “Apparently I Am Motivated By Stickers

  1. I think your reward tomorrow should be blueberry pancakes. Because I just ate them at Cracker Barrel and they were amazing.

  2. I have a sticker reward system too. I put a sticker on my calendar for every 1000 words I write a day. I have stickers every day except for Saturday, which was actually before I implemented this system. Yesterday I even managed to put 3 stickers on & even a special one for hitting 10k. I’m at 11,827 right now but not finished for the night.

  3. Your reward should be 2 hours of alone time to do whatever at Starbucks (or another coffee shop) with unlimited Pumpkin Spice Lattes.

    Although, they’re pretty expensive….so maybe just one PSL and refills of black from then on.

  4. Love this.And of course My Little Pony stickers are worth the most. Duh. I was potty trained using the sticker system. It worked quite well if I do say so myself. Keep up the great work, Anne!

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