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One Reason

Yellowhammer LogoIt’s been almost two whole days since Yellowhammer Literary Services was born, and as you might suspect, I’ve fielded a lot of questions since making the business public.

“When are you going to do this?” some have asked.

“WHY are you doing this?” others have asked.

Valid questions, Grasshoppers. Valid questions. The answer to the first is simply in my spare time, which I realize sounds like a joke given the fullness of my days. But there is time. If there wasn’t time, I wouldn’t have started this little venture.

As for the second question–the why–I have one main reason:

To help writers get published.

I want to help self-publishers put a quality product out there.

I want to help unagented writers get noticed by presses who accept unagented submissions.

I want to help querying writers get noticed in the slush pile.

Because here’s the thing: if you’re going to make it as a writer (self-publish successfully, get an agent, get a book offer) your manuscript HAS to shine bright like a diamond.

(Good luck getting that song out of your head.)

(You’re welcome.)

Because there are hundreds of other people out there with manuscripts just like yours who are submitting to the same agents or the same publishers. There are hundreds of people out there with books in your genre who are starting to think about self-publishing.

Getting noticed?

Takes A LOT.

“Good” doesn’t cut it. Sometimes, “great” doesn’t cut it. Your manuscript has to be outstanding, excellent, different, extraordinary to catch that agent/publisher/reader’s attention.

But why do I care if anyone gets published or not? Why don’t I just let everybody find their own way and get rejected and wallow around in the muck until they either get it right or give up?

I suppose it’s the same reason I don’t let my toddler run down the stairs to get to our car in the morning.

I know she wants to get to the car, and I want her to get to the car, but if she RUNS, she’ll probably fall and hurt herself, and we’ll end up in the hospital, and sure, we’ll still get to the car, but if I had just held her hand and told her to slow down and helped her take careful steps down the stairs, she could have skipped the bumped head and bruised shins and ER visit. She could have gotten to the car without enduring all the trauma of falling.

Same with publishing.

I can help people send out queries that are READY instead of letting them send out queries that won’t get any attention, or that could even harm their chances of getting representation.

I can help people self-publish extraordinary books instead of meh books.

In short: I can help them avoid tumbling down the publishing stairs.

Scary stairs, Las Pozas
If publishing really was a set of stairs, I bet it would be something like this.

And to me, that’s a pretty exciting prospect.

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  1. This is fabulous!!! You just made my manuscript process have a bit more hope and well that is fantastic in my book! (no pun intended but its cute so I will leave it)

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