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The Myers-Briggs: Hogwarts Style!

Have you ever taken the Myers-Briggs personality test? I’ve never taken the real one (read: the one you pay for), but the other day I took a free version here.

It was SHOCKINGLY accurate.

My results came back ENFJ, which means Extroverted Intuitive Feeling Judging. I won’t paste the entire results page into this post because A) I doubt anybody would read it and B) anyone who DID read it would probably be a family member, and y’all already know me pretty well.

Here are the high points of an ENFJ:

  • We have the best people skills, period.
  • We are excellent at getting people to do what we want. *shifty eyes*
  • We are honest and self-confident.
  • We can do a variety of things, and do them well.
  • We have a tendency to be “fussy,” especially about home environments.
  • We enjoy being the center of attention.
  • We may have difficulty making decisions, and rely heavily on others for insight.

And guess which careers are best suited to an ENFJ? Counseling and TEACHING. HA. *adjusts teacher hat*

If you’d like to read the extended version of ENFJ, you can find it here.

Now listen, if you don’t know your type, go ahead and take this free version of the Myers-Briggs, because I have something FUN and HARRY POTTER RELATED for you after you take it.


*clicks red pen*


Done? Awesome. Okay. So now that you know your type, check this chart below to see which Harry Potter character shares your personality type! (I’m DUMBLEDORE!!!)

(Unless you have super vision, click on the picture, then click again when it comes up in a new page. This will cause it to ENLARGE so you can actually read it!)

(Tell me in the comments who you are!)

HP Myers Briggs

Wasn’t that fun? Which of the characters shares your type? I’d love to know!

20 thoughts on “The Myers-Briggs: Hogwarts Style!

    1. Haley, I read it, and Neville describes you perfectly. You’re all of those things. <3 Sorry to bust in your feed, Anne Awesome Riley!

  1. I’ve taken the M-B before and usually come up as ENFP, or in this case, Ron Weasley! Love this chart! Where did you find it? Robbie is an INTJ, Draco Malfoy! Yikes! 🙂

  2. Ah, I am Ron Weasley, which actually thrills me. While at times Ron acts a little immature, he always shows up when his friends and family need him. He’s just a good guy, so I’m proud to be Ron!

    Plus, everyone knows gingers have more fun 😉

  3. This was fun. I was INFJ, who is Lupin, and when I clicked on what kind of jobs I would best suited for, those were also interesting: Social Work, Education, Librarian, and Law.

    It’s been a while since I’ve taken this test, so it was fun. Thanks for sharing it. Love you, dearest.

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