Nonsensical Musings

And May Your Stalking Grow Ever More Successful

Listen, I joke a lot about stalking, but I feel I should clarify that I don’t REALLY want stalkers. Not in the traditional sense of the word, anyway. And I hope nobody takes me seriously or feels offended when I joke about y’all stalking me, because true stalking isn’t funny in the least, and is actually quite scary and wrong.

So that’s my disclaimer about that.

But it is pretty funny when it's a cat.
But it is pretty funny when it’s a cat.

NOW. Before you all scamper off for a weekend of adventures, I wanted to point out just a few things here on the website.

–I have updated my EVENTS yet again. This time, there are fewer tentative things and more for sure things.

–I have also recovered my SUBSCRIBE thingy, which allows you to have me delivered straight to your inbox. And by “me” I obviously mean my blog posts. You can find the widget in my sidebar, underneath all the other widget thingys.

(Every tech person ever just cried at how many times I said “thingy” in that paragraph.)

–I’ve also updated my MEDIA KIT to reflect information re: speaking events that take place in venues other than bookstores. (Like, you know. SCHOOLS and stuff.)

So there you have it. Happy weekend, and if you haven’t taken the Harry Potter personality quiz yet, by all means get thee to yesterday’s post and TAKE. IT.

Then let me know who you are in the comments. 🙂