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Technology Rears Its Ugly Head; Also, Fun Things

It would seem that my site, once again, hates me.

Several dear friends left comments on yesterday’s post about my Writeiversay. I know because I saw them at the EXACT MOMENT I emptied my “spam comments” folder, where they were inexplicably lurking. They didn’t contain links or anything else weird, but for some reason, WordPress decided to file them alongside the LOUIS VUITTON XXX people.


I have no idea why this happened, but if you’re reading this, would you mind leaving a comment? I need to see what happens to it.

ANYWAY. Forward and onward, no?

Tonight marks the revival of a very special group of folks. You see, a few years ago, I decided it might be fun to have a monthly social night for Birmingham-area writers. I contacted a few friends I thought might be interested, and lo, Magic City Lit Night was born.

(If you’re wondering about the “Magic City” part, that’s an old nickname for Birmingham. Has to do with the unusually high number of wizards or something, I guess.)

(Or maybe it’s this.)

Hello, wee hamlet of magic and southern goodness.
Hello, wee hamlet of magic and southern goodness.

The Magic City Literati took a hiatus for a while, mostly because we all had babies at roughly the same time (or most of us, anyway). But tonight?


I’m sure silliness and good times will abound.

On the book front, I’ve made considerable progress with the 475th version of CREEPY FACES: I have about 20,000 words that are hardly perfect, but they’re definitely BETTER, and that, friends, is excellent.

My funny contemporary, which I’ve talked about on Twitter but maybe not so much here, is currently in outline form. I’m OUTLINING.


I plan to write the actual book during NaNo this year, so if you want to friend me, you can do so here.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget to (attempt to) leave me a comment, and have a marvelous weekend!

14 thoughts on “Technology Rears Its Ugly Head; Also, Fun Things

  1. I’m having the same problem! Friends’ comments are going to spam, but I’ve had a few spam comments go to be moderated. So weird. I hope Akismet starts playing nicely with WordPress again.

    In the meantime, great job on your book! That’s wonderful progress! Good luck with the rest.

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