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My Five Year Writeiversary

August 1, 2008: A young, newly married, and very literarily naive Anne Riley sits down at her computer. She’s done this before: open a Word document, type out a few paragraphs, maybe even finish a chapter or two. She’s got an endless collection of book¬†beginnings, but she’s never finished a whole manuscript. She’s never even gotten close.

This time, she swears it will be different.

August 1, 2013: A slightly older, not-s0-newly married, literarily astute-ish Anne Riley took the day off from writing. But that’s okay, because she’s got four complete manuscripts under her belt and another story in the works. One of her novels has been published. She’s had not one, but TWO amazing literary agents. She’s written somewhere in the neighborhood of 400,000 words, although some of those didn’t make the final cut and will never be seen by anyone but their author.

Who knows? Things might get even more exciting around here in the next five years. Or the next one year. Or the next month.

Stay tuned…