2 thoughts on “VLOG: Shameful Confessions Of Shame

  1. You’re probably better off not knowing what the Harlem Shake is. Trust me.

    I also haven’t seen Les Mis, which according to my roommate makes me the most terrible person ever, but whatever.

  2. Ok, first of all, it’s pronounced “gong nahm”, not “gang naam”. Geez, people.

    Also, you mentioned all of my favorite shows: Downton Abbey, New Girl, Grey’s Anatomy, THE WALKING DEAD, Game of Thrones, and last but certainly not least, DEXTER! How can you miss out on these gems? You would love New Girl…it’s funny, witty and ridiculous. Downton Abbey has all that British snobbery that is so entertaining. Grey’s Anatomy……McDreamy….need I say more? The Walking Dead is just simply amazing and addicting and you will never stop talking about it if you watch it so you need to watch it. And yes, Dexter. I mean, a serial killer who kills killers? How have you not tapped into THAT particular gold mine?

    Ok……I know you’re a wife/mom/teacher/author/blogger/anthology organizer person, but GEEZ WOMAN!!!

    You can come watch Hulu/Netflix with me anytime.

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