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Shadows front cover~smallGRASSHOPPERS! You know how you’ve been dreaming of the day when I would post a Rafflecopter giveaway for TWO COPIES of my YA novel, SHADOWS OF THE HIDDEN?

Well guess what? That day has come!

This giveaway will run through Friday, April 12, at which point I will select TWO WINNERS who will receive a paperback copy of my book! (And yes, I ship international!)

Not sure the book is worth the trouble of entering? Well, let me give you a few little nuggets in the hopes that I will persuade you.


First, I give you: THE PLOT SUMMARY. 

Natalie Watson doesn’t believe her parents are dead, even though they disappeared five years ago. Discovering the truth about their fate is one of the only things that get her out of bed in the morning. But after moving from her home in Georgia to her aunt’s boarding school in Maine, solving the mystery of her parents’ whereabouts is just one of several challenges she must face. When she’s not fending off attacks from the popular kids, she puzzles over the rumors about a strange boy in her math class–one with fiery red hair who rarely speaks.

Despite suspicions that he murdered his sister a year earlier, Natalie finds it impossible to stay away from Liam Abernathy–especially when he confesses to knowing something about her parents. Soon she’s following him into the forest, where things happen she doesn’t understand…things that shouldn’t be possible.

Natalie soon realizes her connection to Liam is deeper than she ever imagined, and not everyone she counts as a friend can be trusted. When she finds herself at the center of a centuries-old quest for immortality, she must work with Liam to stay alive–even if it means facing a truth about herself and her family that will not only shake her perception of herself, but of the entire world around her.


Next up, we have: THE EXERPT. (This is the first time Liam and Natalie venture into the woods together.)

“It would be best if you stood over there.” He points towards the edge of the clearing and gives me a little push out of the magnetic center. To my surprise, I need it. My legs feel heavy and wooden, and walking to the edge of the circle is like fighting an undertow.

I turn to face him, crossing my arms. He’s still standing in the exact center of the clearing, waiting for me to give him the go–ahead.

“Okay, let’s see it,” I say, wondering for the millionth time what I’ve gotten myself into.

He closes his eyes. Every muscle in his body goes rigid. Even his breathing seems to stop. And then the air around him starts to shimmer.

I step forward, confused. “Liam?”

He doesn’t answer. The shimmering grows stronger until the air around him begins to ripple. And then he vanishes.

Liam Abernathy vanishes into thin air.

The grass he was standing on straightens back up. The woods around me are silent.

“What?” I croak. “WHAT?”

Ripples of air, another shimmer, and he’s back.

Want more? You can read a whole chapter of the book! Just click here


And finally, please enjoy THE BLURBS. 

Medeia Sharif, author of Bestest. Ramadan. Ever.:

“This novel kept me on the edge of my seat. It was quite suspenseful with a unique historical twist to the paranormal. With great characters and non-stop action, it kept me hooked until the very last page.”

Krissi Dallas, author of the Phantom Island series:

“A riveting mystery filled with realistic teenage drama, suspenseful twists, and an extraordinary quest for the truth… Anne Riley is a refreshing storyteller with the ability to keep me desperately turning those pages for more adventure!”


So. Have I convinced you?

Remember, even if you already have a copy (well, you rock, first of all), you can still enter and give the book to a friend! I’ll be happy to sign and personalize it for you!

Okay, if you’re ready, I’m ready! Enter away!

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  1. Hi, Anne! I just enetered, thanks for this great giveaway! I entered using my FB information, so my name and email are attached that way. There wasn’t a spot for me to write them out in the rafflecopter giveaway, so I just wanted to make sure you got that info!


  2. I teach 7th grade Language Arts, and my students would love this book. I would be so happy to win a copy for my classroom! Thank you!

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