Giveaway Winners!

Y’ALL. We had over FIVE HUNDRED ENTRIES for this giveaway.

I am, quite frankly, STUNNED. And honored. And humbled. And…well, it feels pretty awesome to know that so many people were interested in my little book. You sure know how to make an author feel good about herself, don’t you? *arm punch*

So, okay. I suppose I should announce the winners, although it’s kind of terrible to only have TWO of you. I wish I could send a free book to everyone who entered, but then I would quite literally go broke and we couldn’t pay the mortgage and that might not be the best situation ever.

In lieu of not paying my mortgage, I’ll just have to send out two books.


Jenn Cantrell and Marsha McInnis!

*tosses confetti*    *offers pony ride*    *shoots fireworks*

If you DIDN’T win, I would be ever so pleased if you considered reading SHADOWS anyway. No pressure, obviously, because the fact that people were actually interested has already made me all giddy inside, but IF you want to read it, I’ll just leave these links here for you…

You can find SHADOWS OF THE HIDDEN in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. You can find e-books on Kindle and Nook.

Again, THAAAAAAANK YOU for entering this giveaway and making me feel all fancy. You are the bestest and I so appreciate your support! Congrats to the winners!