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Speed-Revising, Due Dates, And The Like

Grasshoppers, I just want you to know that this blog post is a real GEM. You know why? Because A) I don’t have internet at my house right now, B) I’m six days away from my due date with Baby Girl J, and C) I’m attempting to revise an entire manuscript in three days.

LUCKILY, I’m not working at the moment–maternity leave has OFFICIALLY started!–so that has opened up all kinds of free time I’m not used to having, which is making me feel very fancy and luxurious, as if I could just do WHATEVER I WANTED!

Which I kind of can, because while I’M not in school, Baby Girl M is.

It feels a lot like it did before we had kids. I’d have a break from school, Rob would still be going to work, and the day would pass in a blur of chocolate milk and Dawson’s Creek marathons. No children to care for, no obligations of any kind. Just junk food and a whole lot of TV.

Sadly, though, there has been no Pacey Witter for me lately. We moved on December 15–I might have mentioned that a time or twenty–and I’ve been in SUPER NESTING MODE ever since. Our living room is mostly done, except for this one place where we had to patch a hole in the wall because there was a small incident with a leaking toilet pipe that resulted in my husband having to tear down a whole section of wall in the kitchen and, yada yada yada, we accidentally put a hole in the wall BEHIND the leaky wall, which was in the living room.


We have a patch. And it needs to be painted.

(Was that the most boring piece of information you’ve ever read on a blog EVER?)

(I’m pretty sure the answer is YES and maybe HALLELUJAH, AMEN.)

Anyway. Baby Girl M’s bedroom is DONE, and Baby Girl J’s is…cluttered. J is the one who is currently brewing in my uterus, if you were confused. She has a bed, which is the important part. I’m working on the rest of it. And everything else is coming along slowly but surely; I just can’t do too much without triggering contractions, so I mostly just stare at things and then take a nap.


I’m going to do my best to keep you all in the loop once Baby Girl J has joined us, but obviously, I can’t make any guarantees on that front. Still, I hope you have a wonderful January, and just in case I don’t make it back here for a while, I leave you with this:

photo (14)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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  1. Beautiful belly! The part of that post that exhausted me most was revising a novel in three days whilst super-pregnant! What? That’s a terrible idea! Sleep instead. Way better idea. 🙂

    Best wishes and hugs for your New Year baby!

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