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Book Signings Can Still Be Fun Without Books…Right?

So here’s the deal, Grasshoppers. It seems that my launch party for Shadows this Sunday–you know, the one where I was supposed to have books that I could sign and sell to people?–will probably be bookless.

I was under the impression that they would be delivered in time for the launch, but now I’ve been told they probably won’t be, and it’s Friday, which means they’ll have to come today if I’m going to have them at the event.


Sad Monkey

I’m super disappointed about this, but all is not lost! If the books don’t show up, I’ll take orders for signed copies and ship them out once I get them. So if you want a signed book, you’ll still get it–just probably not at the launch party.

Who knows, though? Maybe they’ll come today and everything can go as planned. FINGERS CROSSED, guys.

At the very least, I could do some kind of interpretive dance for you based on the plot of the book.

Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that…