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In Which I Am Full Of Updates

Well, the first thing you should know is that, due to our sad lack of Internet at Le New House, I am typing this entire blog post ON MY PHONE. Please allow yourselves to be appropriately impressed for a minute or so.


Alrighty then.

The days since I last posted have been filled with all manner of activity, including but not limited to painting, cleaning, unpacking, grading midterms, and playing with a very active two-year-old who has decided she is an INDEPENDENT WOMAN, thankyouverymuch, and can do everything “hersewf.”

We’ve also had a few labor scares, most recently yesterday morning, but all of them turned out to be false alarms which is EXCELLENT because I very much need the next couple weeks to finish nesting before Baby Girl J gets here.

So that’s my Super Quick Life Update.

On the writing front, things are a bit slow simply because of the HOUSE and the BABIES and whatnot. Creepy Faces is now in Round 2 of betas, PULL is doing some other stuff in the hands of the fabulous Agent Emma, and SHADOWS is out there enjoying the spotlight. I’m taking a break from all of it for a bit, but I plan to jump back in soon.

What’s happening with you? How were your holidays? Please tell me. I am doing a lot of lying around to keep the contractions at bay and I VERY MUCH need to be entertained by you.

6 thoughts on “In Which I Am Full Of Updates

  1. It’s great to read of your going’s on, though let’s have a little less of the labor scares huh?

    We’re about to hit the road for a couple of weeks down on Kangaroo Island where I fully intend to lobotomize myself and place my brain in a jar of fluid and stare at the azure waters of Pelican lagoon at American River. Seriously though – the children are both sooooo looking forward to it and their enthusiasm is infectious. It will be goid to have a break and recharge before diving into the new year.

    Bless your little family Anne and here’s to the New Year.

  2. I burnt my arm on a pan on Christmas eve, and there was a slight incident with fire and oven gloves and my jeans just yesterday, so all in all I think I am having a very HOT holiday! I don’t mean to be gross but the burn on my arm totally looks like a nice seared piece of beef. It’s triangular too, which freaks me out every time I catch sight of it in the mirror. I keep going to brush it off. Alas! Would that it were so easy to get rid of!

    I have spent the last few days thinking up cover stories for the new term. Thus far I have come up with three pretty good (but maybe not plausible) lies… er… I mean… ideas.

    1. Abducted by aliens: Branded with their special super secret crest, when the time comes I will be spared a life of slavery and instead be put to work as a mercenary for the New Alien Order. Naturally, I will eventually resent such a life of endless crimson waterfalls streaming from the headless corpses of my victims. This will lead me to being instrumental in the formation of the Insurrects, a group of underground revolutionaries fighting against unearthly rule. With enemies at every turn, and only the agricultural tools of a small hamlet in Derbyshire to protect us, we’ll form an unlikely alliance with a mysterious stranger claiming to be from one of the smaller moons of Saturn.

    2. Spy thriller: I won’t directly say so, but I will imply through unusual behaviour and odd phone conversations (in which I will say things like, “the rabbit has left the tree” and, “the water has escaped the bucket” before swiftly hanging up) that I am an intelligence officer working for a private contractor. The burn is simply a battle wound, inflicted during one of my many investigations. When I asked about it, however, I will simply shrug and offer out a mundane explanation in as few words at possible. I will never offer out the same explanation twice, however, cluing in people to my aloof and mysterious background. To solidify suspicions I will periodically walk around rooms tapping the underneath of chairs, and whispering into plant pots.

    3. Super-ordinary-hero saga: At moments of panic or unrest over, particularly computer or printer troubles on a different floor of the building, I will quickly excuse myself pausing only to grab my backpack. When asked about my mysterious disappearances, and sudden need for thick rimmed glasses, I will simply stutter and drop whatever I am holding (the burn, in this case, is slightly irrelevant but could easily be explained away by me saving a kitten from a laser or something). I will also carry around bold coloured Lycra in my backpack, sometimes seen stuffing it hastily back in after a particularly long absence.

    Um. Yeah. Hm. Honestly I don’t know which one I like best. Ideas?

  3. Hubby and me went away to a BIG PERSON’S HOTEL for a night BY OURSELVES for the first time in SIX YEARS a couple days ago.


    What do you mean that’s not the world’s biggest news?

  4. 1.) I got over the flu BY MY OWN SELF without the help of drugs in less than 4 days.

    2.) I started Creepy Faces. Awesome-ness.

    3.) My list of to-do’s rivals that of a woman who writes books, parents a newly independent woman, teaches full time (in another language, thankyouverymuch), moves into new abodes with finesse and style, is all wifey to a Matt Damon doppelganger, incubates babies until they are full growed, AND still finds the time to be all friendly on a blog. Hold up….maybe my to-do list really isn’t that long.

    4.) My window for cupcakes is rapidly closing. I am about to do a 24 day cleanse (a la Advocare) so I will be cupcake-less for awhile. BUT DON’T FRET!!!! It’s only 24 days. I figure that I’ll show up at Chez Riley (that’s French for the House of Riley) after I’m all skinny and be like, Whoa there’s a baby here! and we will celebrate with cupcakes.

    5.) Praying for Wee One Riley to percolate a bit longer 🙂 Lurve ya mucho!

  5. Hey! I’m just checking for pictures of your baby, but I guess I’m early for that. 🙂 *squeals* I love tiny babies! The labor scares are no fun, but it’s all labor, really. It’s just early labor. Everything tones you and gets you set for the big happening. You’ll be super ready! God bless you! I’m thinking of you and your family and sending prayers your way.

  6. I just finished reading Shadows and I thought it was excellent! I also loved getting to see all the changes you had made! As for me right now, I’m just getting ready to head back to school for a new semester. I am writing, but it’s at one of those slow moments where the words don’t really want to come. Anyway, good luck to you and all you have to do! I’ll be praying for you!

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