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If Ever There Was A Time To Mainline Some Caffeine…

You know what’s funny (or maybe tragic) about the title of this post? How long it took me to decide whether “was” or “were” would be the correct form of “to be.”

I’m thinking it might be “were.”

But then there’s that Justin Bieber song, “If I Was Your Boyfriend,” and, I mean, surely HE would never be grammatically incorrect.

You can see why I waffled over this for quite some time.

Also, I know I can’t really mainline caffeine. Large quantities of stimulants + unborn children = NO BUENO.

So! Some things to tell you about! Buckle up, Grasshoppers, ’cause Auntie Anne’s got a lot to say.

First and foremost, if you live in the Birmingham, Alabama area, I’d LOVE to see you at the Shadows of the Hidden release party on December 9. It will be held at North Shelby Library, hosted by some of the loveliest and sweetest ladies in the world. THE WORLD, I TELL YOU.

(Please be sure you see that it is Birmingham, ALABAMA. Not Birmingham, Michigan.)

(Sorry, guy on my Facebook page who thought I was coming to his local Michigan library.)

Anyway, you can find all the details about the release party HERE. Yes, there will be books available for purchase. Yes, I’ll be happy to sign them for you! No, you don’t have to buy a book if you come. Nobody will notice if you don’t.

Except that one guy we hired to trail suspected non-purchasers, but I’m not supposed to talk about him. Ssssshhhhhhhhh.

SECONDLY. Remember that anthology I keep talking about? It’s gonna be AWESOME, and it comes out December 1! You can read an excerpt of my story and find information about pre-ordering HERE (link expired). Don’t forget: 100% of the profits go to Literacy, Inc.!

…which means buying it automatically makes you a GOOD PERSON.

Yes, really. And you know who cares about things like that?


I’ll just let that sink in for a minute.




OKAY. So. In other news, I’m really going to try to keep up with the blogging here for the remainder of 2012. There are a couple reasons for this.

1) If those pesky Mayans are right, I’ve only got, like, three weeks of blogging left. That’s a lot of pressure. THERE ARE NOT ENOUGH LOLCAT PICTURES IN THE WORLD.

2012 !!!

2) Come mid-January, I’ll be lost in a sea of sleepless nights and poopy diapers, which means I’ll hardly be in the right frame of mind to write anything coherent or remotely relevant on this here blog.

(I realize this wouldn’t really be a change from what you’re used to. HUMOR ME.)

I’ll be honest, though; blogging in December won’t be easy. We’re still working on home renovations for the house we bought on Halloween, and basically our lives are CARPET and PAINT and DRYWALL and lots of emails about how much this one contractor quoted us for this one job, and what about that other guy? and who’s going to call the utilities people to reschedule the shut-off date for our current house, because, um, WE CANNOT MOVE YET.

Plus there is the whole full-time job thing and the whole toddler thing. WHO, by the way, turns two years old in just a few short days!

So I’m going to do my best to be bloggy through all this, but some of my posts might just be the word BANANAS over and over, or maybe pictures like this:

Cowboy Monkey Dog Jockey

You’ll stick around…right? For the pictures, if nothing else…?

6 thoughts on “If Ever There Was A Time To Mainline Some Caffeine…

  1. I’m definitely sticking around for the pictures. By the way, I don’t know how you’re doing all of this. I feel like I’m going insane, and then I see what all you have going on, and I want to bury myself in a sea of pillows and be thankful that I’m not trying to move in addition to everything else. Best of luck on everything, and by the way, CONGRATULATIONS on the book release!

  2. No worries, your title is grammatically correct. And you can take it from me because I might not have a bachelor’s degree yet, but I am a pro at being that girl. Also, miss you!

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