Shadows of the Hidden

I AM FREAKING OUT (Warning: Closeups Of Mah Face)

Guys. GUYS. Shadows of the Hidden is officially OUT THERE for you to read! Which means I am simultaneously DYING of excitement overload and also breaking out in a cold sweat because HOLY COW, people are going to actually READ this thing!!


I’ve been through a whole gamut of emotions in the past ten minutes. It started when I searched for the book on the Google and found out that it was already on Amazon and B&N! And I was like…

Wait a second…is that…?

And then I realized that yes, YES, THAT IS MY BOOK, which means it’s available for people to actually READ. And then I was like…

But if people can READ it, then that means it’s totally out of my control. I can’t revise it anymore.

Which led immediately to…


But then I remembered: this isn’t the same book I self-published in 2011. It represents me as a writer NOW, not me as a writer four years ago. It is polished, professionally edited, with brand new chapters and deeper characters and better writing, and you know what?


So then I was like this…

Some people will love it, some will be bored, and some will hate it. Regardless, I’ve done my BEST WORK, and that’s something I can be proud of.

So, in summary: I’m overwhelmed and terrified, yet excited and hopeful. Also exhausted.

Now, the paperbacks aren’t available yet as far as I can tell, but here are some links for those of you with e-readers!

You can find it for KINDLE!


You can find it for NOOK!

Has anyone found it anywhere else? I looked at Kobo but it didn’t show up. What about the Apple iBookstore? Sony? If you find it, leave the link!

And let’s see if I can use any more exclamation points!!!



A HUGE BEAR HUG to those of you who have already pre-ordered the paperback or have downloaded the e-book. Seriously. Bear hugs and kittens and rainbows for you! It means so much, especially as this book has taken me on QUITE THE RIDE.

I can’t breathe.


19 thoughts on “I AM FREAKING OUT (Warning: Closeups Of Mah Face)

  1. What a huge accomplishment! And you did it with a full-time job, being a wife, mommy, and prego no less!! Looking forward to reading it.

  2. I’m so excited to read the new and improved version. I can buy it and put it on my shelf next to my SIGNED, FIRST EDITION 😉

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