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Spinning Plates

I do realize that for the past several posts (except that one about Facebook) I’ve done nothing more than give you a rundown of what I’ve been up to since the previous post. There’s been no wisdom, no profound insight.

Which is tragic, because clearly, THAT is why you all read this blog. Isn’t it? ISN’T IT?


It would be great if I had something new and sassy for you today, but alas, Grasshoppers, it was not to be.

SO. Here’s the crack.

(I use “the crack” in the Irish sense. Y’know, like, here’s what’s going on. THE HAPS, if you will.)

(In other words, don’t be alarmed. I’m not on drugs.)

Ah, okay, so it’s not exactly spelled the same. DETAILS. (But for only $38.99, you can have this catchphrase ON A HOODIE!)

First and foremost, I’ve sent SHADOWS off to my publisher (I think maybe I already told you this, so just bear with me) for edits. I can’t WAIT to see what the editor comes up with in the way of improvements. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: revisions are my very favorite part of writing, especially when they come from someone who knows what’s up.

And speaking of SHADOWS, we’ve started contacting some big-time book bloggers about the possibility of sending them a review copy, and today I got an email from one that said YES!

Which maybe doesn’t sound so exciting except that this particular blogger is a BIG FRIGGIN’ DEAL. And I seriously did not think I had a CHANCE.

But lo, I did.

So, on the SHADOWS front: there is PROGRESS, there is EXCITEMENT, there is the potential for SUCCESS!

*tosses confetti*

I’ve also been working my little patutie (patuty? patootie?) off trying to finish Draft 1 of CREEPY FACES, and y’all…




“Hey Anne, maybe you should be writing that last chapter and a half instead of blogging, hmm?”

Yes, okay, I see your point. But what you must understand is that blogging turns on the creative section of my brain. It flips some kind of little switch that gets the juices flowing and makes me write MOAR BETTER.

The blogging, it is PRODUCTIVE.

But anyway, that’s not the point. How dare you get me sidetracked like that? *side eye* THE POINT IS, I am sooooooooooooooooo close to finishing, and now I’ve reached that place where it’s like, I’m a little scared of finishing.

If that makes any sense.

But I MUST, because the First Round of Betas is expecting the manuscript in their inboxes by Sunday, which means I must finish the draft and do a complete read-through by Saturday night.

I do three rounds of beta readers, if you’re wondering. For this book, I’ve got three in November (which is like, tomorrow-ish), three in December, and three in January. Then I will take a couple weeks away from it, read the whole thing one more time, and send it to the fabulous and oh-so-adorable Agent Emma, who is SQUEEING with me over the fact that Draft 1 is almost finished!

(That’s the mark of a fantastic agent, by the way. A good, strong squee. They won’t tell you that on Agent Query.)


On the home front, Baby Girl J is STILL kicking the stew out of me, but she seems perfectly happy to stay put for the time being, which is good as she’s only 29 weeks along.

Baby Girl M is almost 23 months old (hello, two’s) and currently fighting off a double ear infection, soooooo that’s a good time, as you can imagine. She did, however, have a fabulous time at our church’s Halloween tailgate party, where she dressed up like an owl.

I know, she’s the cutest. Go ahead and say it.


Anyway, house closing: TBD. I’ll let you know next week. Some unexpected roadblocks have popped up which may or may not be resolved by our closing date. FINGERS CROSSED, all. And arms, and legs, and whatever else you’ve got that’s crossable.

Until next time…

2 thoughts on “Spinning Plates

  1. Great work on both projects Anne. It’s exciting to see you going forward with both and I’m looking forward to reading them.

    I find the editing process to be a very satisfying part of the process too and I think often, I enjoy it more than the writing. It’s where the story is really made, where the characters get that extra “something” that brings them to the fore and where the dialogue can be honed and sculpted into an engaging conversation.

    Yeah, I reckon in a former life I must have edited something on a regular basis because I always seem to get that inexplicable hum whenever I engage in it now.

    Maggie is soooo growing up isn’t she. I’ll bet she’s excited at the prospect of a baby brother or sister.

  2. Thanks for the kind words Dean! The Maglet is growing up so fast… I can’t believe she’s almost two!

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