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Listen, Y’all

Things are a little bit crazy train up in here. We’ve basically decided that we do, in fact, want to move FOR SURE, and I am consumed with thoughts of houses much like Pooh Bear is consumed with thoughts of honey. Or hunny, as it were.

I’ve found a house that I am pretty sure might have been sent from heaven especially for us, but we’re not going to see it until TOMORROW EVENING, which is like 36 HOURS FROM NOW. *muppet flail* Do you know what could happen in 36 hours?



Because I have so little mental capacity at the moment, I must focus what energy I do have on things like WRITING and REVISING the eight billion manuscripts I’m working on, and also planning for school, and also doing laundry so my poor husband will have pants to wear.


And so, in summary, I must take a bloggy break. I KNOW, I was supposed to do all the Faith Stuff this week, but I don’t want to feel hurried and stressed when I’m writing those posts, which means they must wait.

But they will come, children. They will come.

See y’all in a bit.

5 thoughts on “Listen, Y’all

  1. I completely understand. We just put down earnest money on a house that accepted our offer!!! *happy dance* I hope your ending to your home search story is just as happy. 🙂

  2. Ooh, I’ve been there–trying to get the perfect house before another buyer snatches it up. We had many disappointments on that front, which led us to widen our search to other neighborhoods and found a place in a far better location, with everything we wanted. So hang in there.

  3. We’ve bought two houses in our married life (24 years), and I never saw either house until we moved in. Yeah, I know, I’m insane. But they were long distance moves, and my husband was there and I wasn’t. But, it’s okay. I liked both houses. Sort of. 😉

  4. Time goes by so quickly and before you know it – PEOPLE ARE MOVING HOUSE!???

    I sincerely hope that you guys rock the move and all without too much stress and rambunctiousness – but in an endeavor as significant as this, sometimes, you’ve just gotta let it all wash over you.

    I have a question that has really niggled at me recently. Here in Australia, we hang our laundry on the clothes line outdoors in the back garden. Now, I told another American friend of mine this just recently and she was more than a little shocked. I think the turn of phrase used went something “OH EMM GEE – that’s so trailer park!!”

    Is it in fact down in the realms of – say – Jerry Springer’s audience to hang one’s under-durps on the line?

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