Shadows of the Hidden

Where You Can Find SHADOWS

Hi all! Just stopping by to tell you that SHADOWS OF THE HIDDEN is lurking about in dark corners of the internet, poking people in the ribs unexpectedly and sneaking off with everyone’s Nutella.

Wait a second, WAIT, that’s not SHADOWS. It’s ME. *clears throat* *hides Nutella behind back*

ANYWAY. I’m working on getting a web presence for the new book, so here’s what you should know, and LISTEN. If you’re thinking about skimming the rest of this post, or you’ve already got your mouse poised to close this window entirely, THINK AGAIN, my lovelies, because I have a special treat for you at the end of all this.

Now then.

1) If you already “liked” THE CLEARING on Facebook, why, your work there is done. You now automatically “like” SHADOWS.

However, if you’ve not “liked” the book’s page at any point in the past, but you have a deep desire to do so, you may find the page HERE, and lo, you may “like” it.

2) You can find SHADOWS on Goodreads HERE, and you may add it to your “to-read” list. Now, I realize this is a bit tricky, as many of you read THE CLEARING and are not sure you’ll want to read the new version. The reason they are currently separate books is that we want SHADOWS to be the “dominant” version, but if we consolidate them now, all that will show up is THE CLEARING because it has more ratings and reviews. Whenever SHADOWS gets more ratings and reviews than THE CLEARING, it will become the dominant book and we will consolidate them into one.

Make sense?

So if you add it, you will be MIGHTILY helpful. Add it HERE.

And now for the SPECIAL TREAT:

This is an idea I’m totally stealing from Beth Revis because it was so much fun and she is so awesome and–sorry, SORRY, I’ll stop fangirling and get to the point.

Everyone who “likes” the SHADOWS OF THE HIDDEN Facebook Page by September 1, 2012, will be thanked BY NAME (first name and first initial of last name) in the book’s acknowledgments! 

(Also, you should check out the page just to see the fake cover I made for the book.)

Thanks y’all! Later taters.

(Yep, I just said that.)

10 thoughts on “Where You Can Find SHADOWS

  1. Anne, LOVE your very original and star-rific cover on the new fb page!! I can’t wait to read the revisions so count on me to buy my 3rd copy of the book when it comes out. You might have your own “Anne Riley” section in the Whitehurst library pretty soon. When is PULL being published?
    Congrats on the new addition too! What blessings God has given to you and Rob! Hope to see you soon and not just stalk *whoops, I mean TALK* over the Internet.


    1. You ARE too sweet, you know that right? And PULL is the one that was just picked up by an agent, so…not sure about a pub date there, but I’ll keep you posted!

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