Random Life Updates


Apparently I decided to take a little bloggy break. Ha. Sorry about that. Here, let me catch you up.

1) I should be showering right now. Instead, I’m blogging. This is only one of dozens of questionable decisions I will make today. I’ve been making a lot of those lately, for some reason.

2) I got my PULL edits back from both of my lovely readers, and I’m ready to revise it again and send it back to Agent Emma! (I like it when the agent has the manuscript. It makes me feel like THINGS ARE HAPPENING.)

3) I have not written or edited anything all week. And you know, I should probably tell you how hard it’s been and how much I’ve missed all the writing, but the truth is that I haven’t missed it at all. I’ve been going full throttle for about four years, with marriage and pregnancies and full-time work right alongside the writing, and DANG, Y’ALL, I AM TIRED.

But I’m ready to get PULL all polished up and sent away.

4) My house is really and truly clean for the first time in two years. I cannot tell you what this does for my soul.

5) I’m hungry and I’m going to take a shower. This will not solve the hunger problem, but I will be clean, so that’s something.

6) I desperately need to finish writing that short story for that anthology.

7) Two people are reading SHADOWS right now. I’m positively terrified that they will hate it because I am now in that stage of OMG THIS IS THE WORST STORY EVER even though I know it’s not.

(But that’s how I feel right now.)

8) I’m showering RIGHT NOW.

9) I mean, not right this minute. What kind of idiot would I be if I took a MacBook into the shower?

10. Ehhh, maybe I’ll eat instead. Dirt never hurt anybody.

5 thoughts on “Well

  1. Ugh I feel you on #4… I think my apartment is causing me subconcious stress from being not put together since maybe last Sept??? Agh! 🙂 As always SUPER excited about PULL and can’t wait to hear more about SHADOWS!

  2. I agree with Jessica. Shadows is GOOD and creepy and I will have a major sad if it’s never finished.

    I also REALLY need to get on this anthology. I haven’t written in a few weeks but hopefully I’ll be back and working one day this week.

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