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One Down… Sort Of

Today I finished another round of revisions on PULL. I did all of Agent Emma’s edits last Friday–yes, in one day (and when I told her I was done, she used the phrase “some kind of record” and there were lots of exclamation point/question mark combinations at the ends of her sentences)–and then I took another pass through the whole thing, starting Friday and ending today. And then I sent it to two trusted writer friends who can tell me what else needs work.

I iz TIRED, y’all.

However, there is NO REST for the weary, because I still need to work on A) SHADOWS and B) UNTITLED SHORT STORY OF AWESOMENESS for the anthology we have coming out in December.

I’ve got what I think is a good start to the short story, but…*looks over shoulder* come here. No, closer. I have to tell you a secret.


I’ve written two full ones so far that aren’t going to work. The first one was too meh and the second one was too blah. So I’ve started a third, and I think it might work, but it’s really too soon to tell.

Also, I’m DYING to re-read ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS. I cannot stop thinking about it.


That was kind of a random tidbit, but that’s just where we are right now. “Random” is my modus operandi until I have this baby.

At which point we will go from “random” to “I’m pretty sure she needs to be locked up.”


See you all soon.

14 thoughts on “One Down… Sort Of

  1. Short stories ARE hard, especially for someone like me who rambles. It’s like, “Okay, is this REALLY important?” I DON’T KNOW HOW TO DO IT.

    I’m excited for PULL.

    Hang in there! (Stay away from aprons at all times.)

    1. I have the opposite problem–it’s like I can’t write ENOUGH. Agh. And yes, aprons = trouble.

  2. I’m with you on the short stories. I’m USELESS at them. Not a vehicle I was born to drive. Just sayin’.

    Praying for babes and moms and all the craziness that comes in. How is Baby Girl holding up with all this?

    YAY FOR COMPLETED first round REVISIONS!!!! *Woot* *Woot* *Confetti*

  3. Yay for motoring through! I’m waiting for edits and now, no matter quickly I get through them, I will think of this post and feel like a wimp! 🙂

  4. I’ve been wanting to re-read Anna too!

    We can DO THIS Anne! I’ve been struggling with my short story too and I was worrying that it wasn’t good and that people might not feel a connection with my MC and that, as a result, I was going to have to scrap it and find a new angle.

    I had a friend read it this morning and it totally helped to get a second opinion. She said she DID feel a connection with my MC and that she liked it . *wipes brow* whew!

    We should go out for ice cream when we’re done and sit there and read ANNA..

      1. Um..yeah. Completed? Not so much. I’m just shy of 1,500 words. My goal is to have the first draft completed in 2 weeks. *crosses fingers*

  5. I’m sooo glad/relieved to hear that I’m not the only one who finds short stories hard. I used to write them all the time. But now that I’ve been writing novels for a long time, it’s hard to get the short story groove back. (I’m on my third short idea too.)

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