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Hot Wings And Gelato: Best Anniversary Ever?

Those of you who have been around the blog for a while may remember that June = CRAZYTRAIN for Los Rileys.

We all know he’s a little off his rocker. I mean, look at that smile. LOOK AT IT.

With my birthday, Rob’s birthday, and our wedding anniversary, June is a month of MUCHO CELEBRATION.

We celebrated our fourth anniversary this past week, and I just have to tell you all about it because OH, it was lovely, even though I started to suspect a surprise long before it actually happened.

My Spidey sense started to tingle on Wednesday, when Rob said we needed to clean up the guest room. When I asked why, he gave me a funny little smile and said, “We just do.”

I did some critical thinking and remembered that the last time he said something like that, it was Valentine’s Day, and the reason we needed to clean up the guest room was that his parents were coming to babysit…ALL NIGHT.

So that we could be ELSEWHERE.

We got the guest room cleaned up and WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT, on Saturday afternoon, his parents showed up! As I hadn’t seen any hints of him packing overnight bags, I figured we would just go to dinner and come home, which would be awesome. I’m always up for a dinner date.

We got in the car and drove to a neighboring suburb/borough/whatever, where we stood in line at an old barbecue place for approximately five minutes before I said, “Barbecue sounds gross,” and we went next door to the Mexican place.

One immense plate of steak fajitas later, we walked down to a cafe, where we got coffee (decaf for me) and CHOCOLATE GELATO.

What’s funny is that sugar, right now, is not the best thing ever. But that gelato? That was different, somehow. I didn’t ask questions, I just ATE. And ate and ate and ate.

My Spidey sense went off again as we walked out of the coffee shop.

“I’ll drive,” Rob said.

To many of you, this is a normal thing for your husband to say. But MY husband? He HATES to drive. Wherever we go, 98% of the time, you will see me in the driver’s seat.

But I played it cool. “Okay,” I said.

We got in the car. And he drove us to a fancypants hotel that you can alllllllmost see our house from. Turns out, Rob had packed a bag for us while I was…wait for it…napping.


Anyway, the hotel is attached to a mall, so we bummed around for a while, just whiling away the evening, and then we went back up to our room and ordered THE MOST DELICIOUS hot wings and homemade potato chips with French onion dip EVAR.

We spent the rest of the evening watching basketball and devouring ALL THE FOOD. Then we fell into a food coma until seven o’clock the next morning, which is basically like sleeping until noon for us. When we woke up, we ordered room service and lounged about in our pajamas.

So, in summary: The food was amazing, my husband rocks, and these have been the best four years of my life.

Here’s to the rest of our years together! *raises imaginary glass*

8 thoughts on “Hot Wings And Gelato: Best Anniversary Ever?

  1. Aww! The cuteness! Live it up — as it’s obvious you already know how to do. It’s the little moments, not the big cash expenditures that you’ll treasure when you near the — wait for it! — 18th wedding anniversary as I have coming up next month. I may need to put on my thinking cap, now that you mention it.

  2. I love this! He brings the romance with gelato and hot wings (I’m remembering that you’ve been craving these…did you have ranch to dip the wings?) AND takes you to fancypants hotel. Maybe I’ll make sure Rob has my future husband’s number so he can give directions and advice. I love me some hot wings.

  3. Wow, birthdays and your anniversary all in the same month?! Happy birthday and anniversary! It sounds like you had an excellent celebration. Love the pics. LOL!

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