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Birthday Bonanza, Apple Products, And Lies

The first thing you should know is that everything I said about Creepy Faces in my last post was a lie.

I didn’t lie to you INTENTIONALLY, Grasshoppers. No, no. I sincerely thought I was about to scrap 45,000 words of Creepy Faces and start over. After all, I’d written a brand new chapter! The ball was rolling! Old Creepy Faces was out, New Creepy Faces was IN!

And then some girls who’ve read some of Old Creepy Faces essentially staged a mutiny and slapped some sense into me, and I realized that Old Creepy Faces is, in fact, awesome and does not deserve to be scrapped.

So I am going to work with Old Creepy Faces and make it BEND TO MY WILL. Which is a relief, because really, 45,000 is a LOT OF WORDS.

Secondly, guess what I got? Guess guess GUESS! I’ll give you a hint:

*pinches self* *pinches HARDER*

Okay, so that was more like the ANSWER than a hint, but regardless, I am the proud new user of a MacBook Air AND an iPad 3, or a third generation, or a “new” iPad, whatever the correct jargon is.

The best part: I did not pay for them. In fact, I don’t technically own them. They belong to the school I work for. But we can use them as our own for as long as we are employed with High School of Awesome (not its real name, sadly).

And the BEST best part is that during our Mac training the other day, my principal sidled up to me, nudged me with his elbow, and said, “This’ll be helpful for writing your books, eh?”


(And he really did say “Eh.” Dr. Principal is a Canadian from Canadia. As you can imagine,  it is endlessly amusing to listen to the contrast between his accent and ours, the Alabamians.)


*cue confetti cannons, streamers, howler monkeys and banjo players*

I’m taking the week off from writing because A) birthday week is twofold in the Riley house, with Rob’s 26th (yes, I am a cougar) birthday coming up a mere six days from now, and B) clearly, with all the lying I’ve been doing, I need a week to not write and just CHILL and think about my stories.

Also, I’ve got SHADOWS out with two betas and PULL out with one beta, so I shall have some work to do in a couple weeks, oh yes, MUCHO WORK.

Oh! And I got a haircut!

In honor of my birthday and also my haircut, you get a rare photo of Baby Girl Riley. Not pictured: Wee Baby Riley, who is ten weeks along inside my uterus.

Okay. I think that’s all for today. Smooches. Have a fabulous Monday.

16 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza, Apple Products, And Lies

  1. Happy Birthday! Also, I’m so, so glad you decided to stick with the old Creepy Faces because it is, in fact, super creepy! I seriously <3 that story. Also, your hair looks great! Enjoy the birthday week off! Oh and your boss and job are awesome if you get all the Apple products of amazingness for just working there!

  2. Happy birthday hon! I’d sing but no one wants to hear that. Your hair looks fabulous and your boss rocks. I love Canadian accents, so much fun to listen to. Yay for the new computer and iPad!!!

  3. Happy birthday! What cool gadgets and your hair looks AWESOME. As a Canadian in California, I got a little giggly when I read “Eh.” I miss that… 🙂

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