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Holy Cow

Here is what my life consists of at the moment:

1) Morning sickness, which, as anyone who’s carried a child can tell you, reserves the right to strike at ANY time of day and to last for as long as it DARN WELL PLEASES.

But, BUT BUT BUT, the nausea is supposed to mean that GOOD THINGS are afoot. So I try not to complain.


Even though I’m also trying to look after an 18-month-old who doesn’t understand the phrase, “Please get your elbow out of Mama’s tummy.”

Yep, things are INTERESTING around here at the moment.

2) Revisions on SHADOWS OF THE HIDDEN (The Clearing). Because staring at a computer screen can kick my nausea into high gear, I’m taking my revisions very sloooowly and working as much as I can whenever I feel good. AND, you know what’s awesome? I’m about a week ahead of schedule! *dances* *goes a bit pale* *stops dancing and sits on the couch*

3) ANOTHER SEKRIT SECRET. Now listen, y’all. I realize that about half of you are probably starting to hate me a little bit, because I’ve been full of nothing but RAINBOWS and UNICORNS lately.

And I know how LOTS OF SECRETS AND GOOD NEWS! can grate on the nerves, especially with us creative types.

You’re probably thinking, “She has MORE good news? GIVE ME A BREAK!” And then maybe there are some other words in there that I’m not comfortable putting on my blog.

But I must ask you to bear with me for one more AMAZING development in my writing career, which I will share with you sometime in the next week or two, whenever everything is finalized.

And now I want to know: how was your weekend? Any good news for you? Did you vomit a rainbow? Have any tips for relieving the morning sickness?

18 thoughts on “Holy Cow

  1. I am so sorry. I just started coming out of the morning sickness a week or two ago. I tried everything in the book, but the Zofran was the only thing that did anything for me (and it only did so occasionally). But on the bright side, I lost 25 lbs. which I had been trying to do for months before we got pregnant. Haha. I hope yours isn’t bad and is over with soon!

    1. Oh, poor you! No, mine is really not that bad. I’m scared to weigh myself, but I’d guess that I’ve probably gained a few pounds, if anything! But yes, I also hope it’s over soon!

      1. Regardless of the severity of it, it’s no fun and I have soooo much more sympathy for people dealing with MS. BUT, I have a box of preggie pops and ginger candies left over that you are welcome to have if you like (I went to a specialty chinese store to get those. Fun story.). Let me know and I’ll hook you up. Otherwise, they’re just going to go in the trash. 🙂

  2. COME ON, RILEY. Stop torturing us! I can tell by your pregnant belly that you are such a tease.

    As for tips on morning sickness, one thing that helped me through a lot of pregnancy pains was root beer. It helped the nausea, the heartburn, the grumpiness over not having coffee. I don’t even LIKE root beer, but in small doses, it was a life saver.

  3. Maybe knowing that your MS isn’t as bad as my hyperemesis will help? :-/ I’ve been on a PICC line (long term IV) and TPN (liquid nutrition) since February. Seriously though, I’m sorry you’re going through this, and I hope you do get over it really soon. I know how it can make life suck–but as lots of people tell me, you’re being a good mom to your baby already.

  4. I LOVE hearing your good news! Please dont’ stop! 😀 It is one of the things I love most about reading your blog (that and your super funny descriptions of everyday events/trials!)

  5. I need ALL the good news I can get. Keep it coming. Also…lemonade. Or lemon drops. Or anything sour and sugary at the same time. It totally did the trick for me every time.

    1. You know, I had lemonade with lunch and felt TONS better. You might be on to something…

  6. Congrats on all the good news!!! — it’s very nice to have good news to think about when you’re puking your guts up on a daily basis.
    As for taking care of the toddler while pregnant — keep truckin warrior, you can totally do this and it will eventually get better. And some days it’s just super awesome to have that reminder that the baby does in fact come out, and usually they’re really adorable.

    “Morning” sickness — My go tos were gingerale made with real ginger (Canada Dry — not Schwepps… even though I think the later tastes better). Really anything with real ginger is totally awesome. There’s candy and tea and all kinds of stuff.
    Also… I discovered that when i took the regular prenatal vitamins my symptoms were much worse — my doc had me switch to Flintstone Chewables twice a day, which not only helped with the nausea, but also made me really giddy every time I took my vitamins (I mean, who doesn’t LOVE the Flintsones?!)

    Best of luck!!!

  7. I was blessed to not really have morning sickness but I did notice on mornings I felt queasy, I ate before getting out of bed and exercise actually helped. I don’t know if it was sweating, distraction or the actual exercise that helped but it always makes me feel better.

    But I never actually got to the point of throwing up, rainbows or otherwise. So pushing through the nausea may be harder if you’re actually going to vomit. So I’ve been absolutely no help at all. World market sells Gin-Gins though and they give you a nice hit of real ginger which has helped me with motion sickness before.

    Good luck with it, I’ve been told its all worth it in the end!

    1. Thanks Alicia! Yes, it is all worth it 🙂 It’s just making it TO the end that’s tricky!

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