Big Announcements #1 and #2!

Okay, don’t hate me for repeating myself, but you already know Big Announcement #1. Wee Baby Riley seems to be doing well in his/her little cocoon thing inside of me. I had preliminary blood work done last week and am on some medication to increase my progesterone, but other than that, we seem to be rockin’ and rollin’ right along.

If you are the praying type, I’d certainly covet your prayers on the wee one’s behalf. This is a tricky and delicate time for developing babies, as we all know, and I’m hoping for a smooth, uneventful, healthy pregnancy.

So, you knew that already, but you DON’T know Big Announcements 2 and 3! Here are some hints:

1) They both have to do with publishing.

2) They both have to do with MY WORK being published.

Now, Big Announcement #3 is still brewing in the ol’ still (look, if I see an opportunity for a moonshine metaphor, I’m gonna take it), so I can’t announce it just yet.


I can tell you BIG ANNOUNCEMENT #2!

And here it is. Are you ready? ARE YOU?

Well, okay then.

I’ve put together a short story anthology that will be PUBLISHED this December by Compass Press

The anthology will have a winter theme and will be entitled WINTER WONDERS. The publisher is working on cover art as we speak, but I’ve seen some preliminary mock-ups and it is gonna look WICKED COOL!

(Apparently I’m now from Boston. Let’s try that again, more southern-style.)

It’s gonna be JUST DARLIN’, y’all!


The best part is that all the profits will be donated to Literacy Inc, a charity group that fights illiteracy! So if you purchase the anthology, you’ll be helping to give someone a chance to read! How cool is that?

The other contributors are completely amazing, and if you’d like to know who they are, why, you see that navigation bar up there at the top of this site? See that page called NOVELS?

Click on it. See what happens. If I were a betting woman, I’d bet you would find a list of all the contributing authors.

But that’s JUST A GUESS.

I’ll let you know when it’s up on Goodreads and all that, so keep your eyes peeled! And also keep your eyes peeled for Big Announcement #3!

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