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The Blog, It Is A-Changin’

I’m guessing you’ve all noticed some new things going on at Casa Riley these days.


Well, in THAT case, come on in and allow me to show you what is different.

I started with a minor change–scrapping my entire theme and starting over with this new one. (Google Reader peeps, that’s your cue to click through and see the new design. Go on, do it. DO IT NOW.)

Then, I tweaked all my pages–About, Contact, FAQ, etc–to reflect the changes in my life and where I currently stand on that bumpy road to publication.

(“Road” might be a fancy word. In all honesty, sometimes it reminds me more of the Cornucopia situation in Hunger Games.)

A blur of confusion with the frantic desire to beat everybody else to the goal while lacking any concrete knowledge of what that goal is or how, exactly, to attain it? Yes, I'd say that sums up my journey to publication pretty perfectly right now.

Perhaps the most THRILLING addition to the blog is the “Fun Facts” page, which is full of–YOU GUESSED IT–fun facts about ME! Ten of them. Because, really, there are only ten things about myself which might be considered fun and also interesting enough to share in public.

(If you read the Fun Facts page, you might feel a bit sad that these were the ten things I came up with. But alas, it’s all I’ve got.)

NOW. This is where you come in, Grasshoppers.

I’d like to add a “Resources for Writers” page, consisting of things like author blogs that are funny and/or helpful, great agent and editor blogs, and sites that help you with things like querying.

So here’s my question: What’s your favorite writing site? I’ll check it out, and if it looks like something I want to include, I’ll add it to the page!

3 thoughts on “The Blog, It Is A-Changin’

  1. I’ve been meaning to update all of my info on my blog for awhile now. Maybe over Spring Break I’ll dedicate a day to it.

    Your blog looks so nice!

  2. I’m picking up everything you’re putting down. I dig. Also, let me know how The Daughter of Smoke and Bone turns out.

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