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One Unpublished Book And Some Website Changes

This morning I un-published THE CLEARING. Well, mostly. I un-published all the e-versions, but wanted to order some paperbacks from CreateSpace and was wary of unpublishing before they shipped my books. I could just see there being some huge snafu and me being on the phone in tears saying, “What do you MEAN I deleted the file too soon? NOOOOOO!”

Which totally wouldn’t happen, but these are the things I worry about. Welcome to the mental circus of my life.

So anyway, the paperback is still on CreateSpace and Amazon, and will be until I get my shipping confirmation. Which means if you wanted to order but haven’t yet, good news! The procrastination gods are smiling upon you, my friends. But, um, you might wanna get on it ASAP, because THE SECOND I get that shipping confirmation, sucker’s gonna be unpublished.

Oh, and one TINY other thing. I know you guys have such great intentions when you tell me you don’t understand why I’m doing this, or you think I should leave it up, etc. and THANK YOU for the sweet, encouraging sentiment behind those words. I get that you believe in the book and you don’t see why I wouldn’t want to keep it available.

But the thing is, I just don’t want to. And I’ve been mulling this over for probably six months, talking to other self-pubbed authors, making sure it’s what I want to do.

And it is.

But comments about not understanding why I think this is the right move . . . well, they make me doubt myself, and please believe me when I say the LAST thing I need in this world is more opportunities for self-doubt.

Also, if you want people to buy your book? Just tell them you’re about to take it off the market. I totally get the reasoning behind those “Going Out Of Business” sales some stores have . . . once a month . . . ha!

Anyway, thanks again to everyone who bought a copy, whether you enjoyed it or not. You are the bomb dot com. Yeah, I said that. But for realz, you rock, and I totally appreciate everything you did for the success of THE CLEARING!

Now, let’s move on.

Over the next couple weeks, you might notice some changes to Ye Olde Website. I’ve enlisted the help of someone who knows more about computer stuff than I do (which isn’t hard to do, but this girl is really good) to help me revamp the site. The original designer did A LOT of customization, which was great at the time, but it makes it nearly impossible for me to tweak, maintain, or change ANYTHING.

So if you get here one day and things look a little wonky, just know that I know, and it’ll start looking normal eventually.

8 thoughts on “One Unpublished Book And Some Website Changes

  1. I heart the picture! It was the first thing I saw in Google Reader before I even realized it was your post, and then I was BAFFLED when I clicked it and everything looked different. You’re confuzing meh! 🙂

    Anyway, it looks great anndddd I’m glad that the going unpublished sale went well. Lamest comment ever.

  2. Where do you get these pictures?? I wouldn’t know where to begin looking for a cat with jazz hands…

    I support your decision to un-publish your book mainly because my ANNE RILEY SIGNED ORIGIONAL COVER COPY will be worth SO MUCH MORE!! Can’t wait to be on a future episode of “Pawn Stars” where I bring in your book and they call in an expert to make sure the signature is authentic and then offer me a HUGE amount for your un-published book!! Can you picture the episode? Ha ha!!!

    Love the new look on the site!

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