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In Which I Try To Update You On Things Without Being Tacky

So, I lied. I’m not taking a bloggy break, after all. You know why? Because Z-packs are FRIGGIN’ AWESOME, that’s why. Y’all, I took one pill a day for three days and I feel like SUPERWOMAN. I was kind of joking on Twitter about how the doctor couldn’t figure out what, exactly, my demon-germs were, so he was all “Well here’s a Z-pack, that ought to take care of . . . whatever this is.” And dang it if he wasn’t right.

Hence: I return to the cyber world earlier than planned.

Thanks for the book recommendations y’all gave on my last post. I’m definitely going to check all of them out, probably in the next couple weeks, because Le Husband has some plans with some people and it’ll be just us girls. Although I am planning to have some people over while he’s busy. But, as it would be hugely awkward for me to ask a man to come hang out, those people will also be girls.

So it’ll be Just Us Girls, regardless.

(Okay, WHAT am I even saying? Has anyone realized I’m rambling? What is wrong with me?)

Let’s move on.

I don’t normally advertise the things people say about my writing because, well . . . I think it’s a bit tacky-tack. But lo, I am going to break that rule because I was so thrilled to see these tweets from one of the two girls who are reading BENEATH THE DARKNESS (Creepy Faces).

I’ve, um, changed her photo so that her identity may remain SEEKRIT. Mostly because I didn’t have time to ask if she would mind me posting her tweets.

Why this made my day:

1) Creepy Faces is supposed to be CREEEEEPY. Like, can’t-sleep-at-night, wet-your-pants creepy. And apparently, it is. Mission accomplished, at least in the first five chapters (which is what she was reading at this point). And as I’ve never written anything that could be considered a thriller (read: I have no idea what I’m doing), this was quite encouraging.

2) There’s really not a #2. The coolness was pretty much summed up in #1.

Okay. Tacky “Look-I’m-Doing-Something-Right” section OVER.

How about…

…a query update?

Which I will also try to do in an un-tacky fashion.

I’ve got to be careful here; apparently it’s taboo to talk specifics about the query process. Which I think means no names and no specific numbers. So let’s talk in percentages, shall we?

Of the agents I’ve queried: 53% have asked to see the manuscript and 24% haven’t responded to my query yet. The rest are a mixture of query rejections and “no response means no” kind of things.

100% of my rejections have been so kind and encouraging, and a couple agents that passed on PULL have asked me to send them things in the future. 

Italics means LOOK, THIS IS BIG. 

I feel like I’ve really developed something of a relationship–or maybe “camaraderie” is a better word–with a few agents in particular. It’s been very cool and such a positive query experience.

As I said before, I’m sending out my letters very sloooowly, so I really haven’t queried all that much, and I doubt I’m finished. I’m doing one or two at a time, because there are SO many amazing agents out there, and I want to take my time. “Do it right or don’t do it at all,” and all that.

Obviously I have not signed with anyone at this point, and you know, that’s okay. I get how competitive all this is. And if nobody picks me up with PULL, well, I’ll try again with BTD. And if nobody picks that one up, I’ll try again with whatever the next book is.

And so it will continue until I either sign with another agent or I die.

If you’re querying, how’s it going so far? And for all of you–querying or not–I wanna know what you’re doing with your long weekend. Anything particularly exciting?

12 thoughts on “In Which I Try To Update You On Things Without Being Tacky

  1. So glad things are going so well. Can’t wait to beta BTD. And I know you’re just THIS close (makes teensy space between thumb and forefinger) to a huge publishing deal. Can’t wait to say I knew her when. 😉

  2. I’m with Jodi! I can’t wait to say that! 🙂 Also, I’m glad you’re feeling better. Oh and Creepy Faces is definitely CREEPY! I’m glad I don’t have to sleep alone.

  3. Tee hee…I know who that is. 🙂

    Good luck with the query process! It’s tough. I really lucked out on my agent search, but I have so many friends in the query trenches, and making that perfect match is a tough road. But it’s leading you to where you need to be.

    1. Yes, I’m strangely content right now, which is new for me. I guess I just know that eventually, I will end up in the right place!

  4. I read this on my phone and didn’t get a chance to reply til now but I must say thanks for not giving me too light of a hair color..I’m a TERRIBLE blonde.

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