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Some Genius Writing Advice; Also, I Have An Inappropriately Named Disease

If you’ve logged onto any type of social network in the past twenty-four hours (except for MySpace, because, really?) then you’ve probably seen my wailing and teeth-gnashing over the fact that my husband and I are both a bit under the weather.

By which I mean, we have Walking Pneumonia.

Somewhere in the depths of my lungs, this beautiful yet deadly germ has made itself a cup of tea, kicked back in a recliner, and settled in for the long haul. GET OUT, BEAUTIFUL GERMS, GET OOOOUUUTTT.

What’s really funny about this (actually, the ONLY funny thing about this) is that several weeks ago I was making fun of him for going to the doctor when he CLEARLY had nothing but a cold, and he said (please hear this with an exaggerated southern accent):

“But what if I’ve got the WALKIN’ Pneumonia?”

I wish I had a recording of the way he said it, because it cracked me up to the point that I fell on the floor laughing and could not get up for several minutes.


Nothing tickles me more than when my husband plays up his accent.


What I’m getting at is that we had a good long laugh about the fact that he DOES have the WALKIN’ Pneumonia this time around, and then we stopped laughing and realized I’d been feeling sick too, so I went to the doctor and had myself a little chest x-ray, and guess what?

It was the WALKIN’ Pneumonia.

Which, if you think about it, is quite inaptly named, because the LAST thing I’ve been doing is walking. They should really call it Consistent Napping Pneumonia, or maybe Can’t Shower Because You WILL Pass Out Pneumonia, or By All Means Do Not Expect To Think Coherently Or Be Productive In Any Way Pneumonia.

But, alas: Walking Pneumonia it is.

So we’ve taken the wee one to her grandparents’ house until Ye Olde Germs can be banished from our bodies and also from the house, and I’ve got big plans to Clorox everything in sight tomorrow as I am staying home from work YET AGAIN.

Whoever made this cartoon, I need you to come to my house and clean All The Things, because I will probably be crawling around with a Clorox wipe in each hand, throwing them in the general direction of the furniture and then sleeping for six hours straight before attempting to clean again.

(Update: the picture came from this blog.)

Since I can’t think of a single relevant or interesting thing to say on the blog today, I thought I’d give you a few things to read by some people who are exponentially more lucid at the moment. I found these posts to be VERY helpful with writing and also very encouraging. Even if you are not a writer, you will enjoy some of these because they relate to all parts of life.

So, here we go. (All posts will open in a new window, so CLICK WITH ABANDON, my friends.)

1. Veronica Roth has this GENIUS post about explanations and writing, and she relates it all back to Project Runway. I *highly* recommend this for any of you who are writers. She hit the nail on the dadgum head.

2. Rachelle Gardner posted about her own struggles with jealousy in the agent world (this is one of those that will be good for everyone to read).

3. Kiersten White shows us how the first section of her manuscript for PARANORMALCY changed from Draft One to Final Draft. It was fascinating for me to see what she changed and why, and I think it’s a great thing for writers at any stage to look at.

4. Aimee Salter has a series of posts up right now about self-editing and how to tighten your writing. This is my favorite because it addresses modifiers. Again, I found it immensely helpful for writers at any stage. If you have time, read the others–she knows what she’s talking about. Which is probably why she runs her own editing business.

And finally,

5. Natalie Whipple wrote about her struggles with comparing herself in every way to others. The idea is similar to Rachelle’s, but she says it in a different way, and I needed to hear it. (Applies to everyone, not just writers!)

Alright y’all, I’m going to go make some mac & cheese, then continue to lie on the couch in my (dirty) pajamas. (Believe me, it’s not as fun as it sounds.) I hope to be back in full force by Thursday!

12 thoughts on “Some Genius Writing Advice; Also, I Have An Inappropriately Named Disease

    1. It is a version of pneumonia that doesn’t put you in the hospital (usually) but does make you miserable for a while.

  1. Yes, you MUST read hyperboleandahalf. I love that blog! It takes reading a blog or two to sort of get a feel for her sarcastic style, and then… your sides will hurt from laughter, rather than Walkin’ Pneumonia (pronouncing the ‘P’). :-)Hope you get better.

  2. This is the best post ever, ever, EVER! Err…because of the writing stuff. Sorry about that whole Walkin’ Pneumonia thing. Hope you’re feeling MUCH better by Friday next!

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