Random Life Updates


Shhh, this is TOP SECRET INFORMATION, okay? Be COOL, Grasshoppers.

1. I’m currently in the midst of my first 2012: A Year Of Adventurous Living adventure. What could it be? Well, that’s under wraps until Tuesday, but I’ll give you a hint:

Swing loooooow, sweet chariot…

What can I say, guys. Sometimes, adventurous living lands you in the big house. Good thing they let me keep my own clothes instead of making me wear those horrible jumpsuits. And it was super nice of them to let me keep my purse. And, um, they have wireless internet that I can use with my mind to telepathically post blog entries from my SERIOUSLY OLD jail cell.


2. I haven’t written anything in CREEPY FACES for over 24 hours. And really, after 12 chapters’ worth of writing every single day (AFTER I’ve already worked a full day at school), I needed a break. So I’m excited to say that this is the first time I’ve been on my computer since Friday.

Ahhhhh. Sometimes you just need to unplug. Even if it means getting a little bit behind on your writing schedule.

3. I want to buy every scarf in the world. I might have a problem.

4. I think I’ve chosen the wrong celebrity crush. I know I said I like Drew Brees now, but lately I’ve realized the portion of my heart I reserve for unrealistic and meaningless celeb crushes has become strangely cold toward the “Who Dat” quarterback.

Instead, it’s leaning toward someone I’ve crushed on before. Someone a bit more artsy. Someone who seems to be permanently attached to hats.

Oh, Gav. It’s been so long since that night at Workplay Theatre back in 2003-ish, when our eyes met across the heads of all those other girls–you know, the ones that DIDN’T grab your attention?–and I heard very clearly the words that you didn’t say out loud (because with a connection like ours, who needs to say REAL WORDS?):

Oh, Anne, you telepathed to me. Even though you’re clearly the most beautiful girl in the world and we are destined to be together, it just wouldn’t work. I travel a lot. So we’ll have to settle for being a starcrossed and tragically separated couple.

‘Kay, I thought back at you.

And then I’m pretty sure you winked, and maybe I gave you a thumbs up, and we just knew. 

Oh, Gav. You didn’t have to go and change the title of your song over it.

Seriously, though–and this part isn’t a seekrit–I have rediscovered Gavin’s music and it’s just so awesome. I don’t ever blog about music, so you know this is something special. The songs I’m listening to over and over are from his new album, Sweeter. There are three I can’t quit playing: “Not Over You,” “Candy,” and “Radiation.”

Have a great MLK Day tomorrow, y’all. Hopefully I’ll be out of jail soon, cuz like, I gotta go to work on Tuesday.

16 thoughts on “Seekrits

    1. Jamey: It does actually get cold here once in a blue moon. But I normally wear lightweight scarves anyway. The decorative kind that don’t actually function for any sort of weather protection.

    1. I may or may not refer to Taylor as “My future husband.”

      My other future husband is Alexander Skarsgard.

      I figure my chances are better the more future husbands I have. 😉

      1. Both of them. They are both pretty. And yes, the more you have, the better the odds that one of them will work out!

  1. I have a similar problem with shoes and purses. My husband is worried. I’ll have to check out this Gavin fellow, too!

  2. I’m still going for Mike Rowe, although Marc Broussard’s voice makes me shiver and Adam from Man vs. Food is adorable and I want to hug him.

    1. I love Marc less than I used to. Don’t know why. He got a little too folksy for me. I don’t do folksy…

  3. Love! I have been listening to Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” over and over and over again. It so perfectly evokes all those feelings that accompany a bad teenage breakup. Keep thinking I’ll work it into a story sometime. Oh, and my money drain is now and always will be SHOES. If only I could still wear sky-high heels. *sigh*

    1. Mine would be shoes, except that my feet are oddly shaped and most shoes make me want to break things because they hurt so bad.

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