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An Assortment Of Oddities

That’s right friends, it’s time for another Random Blog Post of Randomness. (If you’re new around here, this is what happens when I’m feeling particularly scatterbrained and can’t think of a specific topic to blog about.)

First, you should know that my husband is sitting on the couch saying something about Ted Nugent and also singing “Too Legit To Quit.” So if this post makes even LESS sense than usual, you’ll understand that it might be because I am just a TINY BIT DISTRACTED.

LOOK at those high-wasted pants. And the necklace, people. The NECKLACE.


In writing news, I’ve written roughly 1/3 of CREEPY FACES BOOK! At this pace, I should have the first draft done in three months, start to finish. That is WAY faster than I’ve ever written anything EVER. If I can actually finish this thing when I plan to finish it, I’ll have to do something to celebrate. I dunno what, though.

 In other Earth-shattering news, you may remember that I used to have a celebrity crush on Brett Favre, until he did some stuff with some text messages, and then I decided maybe it was time to move on.

Well, good news, Readers! After much consideration and also input from my husband on which current NFL quarterback is the most crush-worthy, I have decided to replace Brett with Drew Brees!

I mean really, after seeing that commercial where he’s putting the VapoRub on his little boy’s chest, how could I choose anyone else?

(Hey Tim Tebow, if Drew pulls a Favre and does something sleazy, you’re next in line. *wink*)

Oh, and if you’re curious about the counseling thing I mentioned in my last post, I start next Monday. Hooray! I am really excited to see how it goes and what kind of changes I see in myself.

How are y’all? How was the weekend? How’s the writing? And most importantly, who’s your Quarterback Crush? I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS.

10 thoughts on “An Assortment Of Oddities

  1. That footballer guy looks a little like a young Steve Carell…which isn’t a bad thing…at least…I don’t think it is.

    And I’ll my own fist pump to your writing efforts. Go you!

    1. I can’t wait for you to read it! This is one of my favorite books I’ve ever written, for sure.

  2. I just like Mike Rowe. Football players…meh. They come, they go. Mike Rowe, on the other hand, has been hilarious for many years. Is he too old for me? Probably…he’s got me beat by 20 years. But the man is just so cute and sarcastic and I just want to cook for him.

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