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What Really Matters

Earlier today I posted what can only be described as a pity party. I was stuck in the Pit of Comparison–comparing myself to other authors, mostly–and I needed some of you to pull me out of it.

I don’t fall often, but when I do, it hurts.

Several of you came through with encouraging words and I started feeling a lot better. And then I deleted the post. Because it was Full Of Sad Trombone, and that’s not me.

Then, a few minutes later, I logged onto Twitter and saw the events unfolding on Virginia Tech’s campus. And that’s when everything slammed back into perspective.

THIS is what matters:

Not this:

So I think I’ll try to focus on that from now on.

5 thoughts on “What Really Matters

  1. Very well said. You know. I did that once and then went back and deleted the post. When I put up a new post in its place one of my followers had already read the original. But, she appreciated the value of both.

    Yes, we totally need to refocus sometimes on what matters most. But, that isn’t to say that sometimes we just get down and need a little pity party and harp music while we brood through it.

    Great post!

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