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In Which I Make My Deal With The Universe

I’ve done a lot of things on my bucket list. I’ve lived in a foreign country, gone hang-gliding, walked along the Great Wall, written a complete novel, taken a picture with the Hollywood sign, gone to Times Square for New Year’s Eve, explored a Medieval castle, gotten married, given birth to a child.

I’ve been to England, Spain, Italy, Wales, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Trinidad, China, Portugal, Jamaica, and the Bahamas. And if you count airports, I’ve also been to Germany and the Netherlands. (But I don’t count airports.)

Of course, there are several things I haven’t done. I haven’t been scuba diving, haven’t ridden in a hot air balloon, haven’t been to the Grand Canyon, haven’t visited all 50 states (although I’m about halfway there).

And I haven’t become a traditionally published author.

Now, technically speaking, I don’t believe the “Universe” has any say whatsoever in my fate as an author. But it’s fun to say, “I’m making a deal with the Universe!” kind of like it’s fun to say, “Santa brought me a Barnes & Noble gift card!” (OH YES HE DID!) So anyway, everybody just hang up your theological hats for a second and go with me on this.

Following in the footsteps of Frankie, Shannon, Kiersten, and countless others, I’m making a deal with the Universe regarding my (hopefully) future traditional publication. 

If and when my book is picked up by a publisher, I, Anne Riley, will film a music video–complete with costumes and choreography–of the song “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. I will then post the video online for your entertainment. 

(Side note: I haven’t seen the actual video for this song, but I’m going to go ahead and say that my video won’t look ANYTHING like Gaga’s. But it will be AWESOME.)

Here we go. Bring it, 2012.

15 thoughts on “In Which I Make My Deal With The Universe

  1. I feel privileged to have been there when you accomplished several of your bucket list items (although, how did I miss out on hang gliding? That’s still on my list!). And I look forward to reading your published novel and watching your music video!

    1. Dang, you were there for several of those, weren’t you? Hang gliding was fun, although I got a little carsick. Glider sick. Whatever. 🙂

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