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Breakfast And An Un-K

You know how sometimes you sign up for something because you like the idea of it, and then you prepare for it pretty well but maybe not quite well enough, and then you get sick halfway through your preparation period and start questioning the wisdom of following through with the thing you signed up for, and then suddenly you find yourself trying to decide whether the suspicious activity in your gut is actually a stomach virus, or simply the result of eating six hot dogs in one day?

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with Friday afternoon as the hubs and I were slaving away at our respective occupations. Rob and I exchanged a series of emails that went something like this:

Me: Hey, I still don’t feel so good. My sinuses are acting up and I might have a fever. Also? Something is not right in my colon area.

Rob: You just have a cold, and I don’t know what you expected after yesterday. How many hot dogs did you eat?

Me: That’s beside the point. I don’t feel good.

Rob: What about the 5K tomorrow?

Me: ………………….

Rob: I’ll run it with you.

Me: It’s not that. It’s just . . . it’s supposed to be 28 degrees tomorrow morning, and I don’t think it’s a good idea for me to be outside in sub-zero weather with an illness.

Rob: It’s a cold.

Me: I’m not going.

OKAY BUT REALLY I HAD A COLD. FOR REALZ. (You KNOW when I bust out the “for realz” it means whatever I just said is LEGIT, YO.) And I’m just going to deftly skip over the part about how many hot dogs I ate because really, who needs those details?

Oh, dang, I already told you it was six.

But also! ALSO! I was supposed to meet Robin and Jodi for breakfast before the 5K, and although we’d talked on the phone and tweeted, I’d never actually met Robin in real life and I think we have to ask ourselves: What counts for ETERNITY? Caffeinating and eating cheese grits with two of your Soul Friends? Or *snort* muppet-flailing your way through a 5K in which it is practically ARCTIC outside and you could VERY WELL slip on a patch of ice and go careening down a hill into traffic and BABY GIRL NEEDS A MOTHER, PEOPLE, so really my not running the 5K was all for her.

So, in summary: Breakfast was lovely, and the 5K did not happen, although I do plan to sign up for another one that DOESN’T take place in the DEAD OF WINTER.

How was your weekend?

14 thoughts on “Breakfast And An Un-K

  1. I cried because of something that was happening to a character in my book. New levels of Writerly Mentalness. *facepalm*

    But I’m totally behind you on the don’t-do-it-for-the-child. I believe you. Peace out.

  2. Ah! I totally thought in my mind when you first blogged abt the 5k (but not aloud because what kind of friend would I be if I had written this before the fact), she’s not going to run this race…ok, maybe that still makes me a bad friend, but I mainly thought that bc I thought about how I would make a commitment like that even though I hate running and I know you hate running……


    I’m glad you had a lovely breakfast and you look fan-freaking-tastic. So there, hot mama.

  3. The way you write your (humorous) blog posts makes me laugh so hard. 🙂 (Not the serious ones. I don’t laugh at people when they’re being serious. *tries to suppress a giggle. fails.*)

  4. Loved thus 🙂 Over here having seen your tweet. I totally agree, Baby Girl Needs a Mother.
    This is why I did not go over to the gym, Sunday. It was very cold outside, I could have gotten pleurisy walking across the field where the gym is located.I didn’t want my baby boy to be an orphan, and told him this, as I ate a cream cake instead.

    He looked unconvinced.
    Probably because he is 22 and 6 foot 5 inches…

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