Little Bit Riley

A Very Special Birthday

Dear Baby Girl (formerly known as Little Bit),

It all started here, one year ago.

The first few weeks–you know, the ones where nobody in our house slept?–were a blur. But you were pretty cute and also sort of sweet.

Oh, okay. You were REALLY cute and sweet.

When you started smiling, that was the icing on the cake. We knew everything was different in a big way. FOREVER.

You let us dress you up in funny costumes…

…and you took naps with us when we needed a nap buddy.

And even though you don’t look very happy in this picture…

…and it’s possible I had more fun than you did…

…we know you had a great first birthday.

Happy birthday, Baby Girl. We love you so much.

14 thoughts on “A Very Special Birthday

  1. Mommy ALWAYS has the most fun on the 1st birthday and that is as it should be. Love the picture of your happy face. It says exactly how you felt that day. So happy to know you, Anne. You’re a joy. XOXO!

  2. Happy birthday, Baby Girl!!! You are oh-so-cute and and yet still tough as nails when little boys try to steal your toys in the nursery 🙂

  3. Aw . . . Happy Birthday to Baby Girl, and congrats to Mom and Dad for making it through the first year! I hope the celebration was wonderful, and that life with your little girl only gets better from here. 😀

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