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*Knock Knock* Housekeeping?

Hi friends! I’ve got a couple of housekeeping things for you today. First, I’ve extended the Customer Appreciation Giveaway deadline to December 1. Several people have just now found out about it, and I want them to have a chance. Also, in the original giveaway, I said if you had an e-version of The Clearing, I needed to see my author photo in your picture–but then a couple people have said that on the Kindle version, there IS no author photo.

Which obviously complicates things for the Kindlers among us.

So I’ve changed that little nugget to “last page of the book” instead of “author photo.” Because it’s NOT FAIR for me to ask you for something that you don’t even have.

ALSO. If you order a paperback version and it doesn’t reach you by December 1, FEAR NOT, MY PRETTIES. Simply take a photo of your lovely self with your order confirmation page. Make sure I can see your credit card number all the important identity-theft type things are hidden. And this shall count as the photo for your entry.

Now, if you’ve EVER wanted to read The Clearing, this is the time. Because who doesn’t want a chance at a $50 Amazon gift card? So off you go, throw your name in the hat. And remember, all the links to buy the book are in the sidebar on the right.

And now for Housekeeping Item #2: Y’all remember how I got back on the Query Horse again? (Also, have you noticed how many metaphors I’m coming up with for querying?)

“WHOA, Query Horse! EASY, BOY!”

Well, several people have asked for an update, so here it is:

7 agents queried, 2 fulls out, 1 rejection received, and a partridge in a . . . well, you know.

Now, BEFORE YOU GET ALL EXCITED ABOUT THOSE TWO FULLS, let me just tell you this. ONE of them is definitely worth being excited about. The agent who asked for it is about 25 different kinds of amazing, seems so kind, and honestly I would just be SO honored to work with her. (This is not to say that the rest of them aren’t amazing; they are. But this one asked for a FULL, so she’s kind of standing out in my mind right now.)

But the other full was part of the default submission process. EVERYONE who queries attaches their full. So, still exciting, but marginally less so once you know the whole story.

Anyway, I’m still waiting to hear back from the other four. So much of this is WAITING. You know? It’ll make you crazy if you let it.

And finally, Housekeeping Item #3. On my Events Page, it says I’ll be at the Birmingham Local Authors Expo on December 3. THIS IS A LIE.

I will not, in fact, be at the Birmingham Local Authors Expo. It is scheduled on my daughter’s birthday and I thought I could make both events work without wanting to tear out my hair, but alas, I cannot.

“Hey Anne, if you can’t be there, why haven’t you deleted the event from your Events Page?”

Because, Dear Readers, my bleeping website will not let me. Ever since the Great Hackapalooza of September 2011, several of my custom pages will not let me edit. This includes my Events page, my Novels page, and a couple others. I’m working on getting it fixed, but oh my heavens, it is taking longer than I anticipated. SOLUTIONS ARE WELCOME. Leave your words of technical genius in the comments if you have ANY IDEA what I should do.

So anyway, that’s about it. Y’all have a great week, okay?

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