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Backsplashes, A Sudden Toddler, And Literary Miracles

WHOO. I tell you, Readers, there have been some Things That Have Happened since I last posted. Let’s do a quick rundown, shall we?

1) On Friday, one of Baby Girl’s sweet daycare ladies said, and I quote: “She’ll be walking like a pro within two weeks.”


Let me just tell you that it is now Sunday night, and in the past two days we have gone from tentative steps to FULL-ON SPRINTING. As of this morning, our 11 1/2 month old Baby Girl can TODDLE QUICKLY ABOUT THE HOUSE.

Baby Girl, if she were a LOLcat.

The whole situation is reminiscent of the Breakers from The Forest of Hands and Teeth, except that Baby Girl is not, to my knowledge, a zombie.

Anywho. Moving on.

2) Rob and I (should I have a cute nickname for my husband? Is it bad to just call him by his name? I don’t really care if people know his name, I just don’t want anyone stalking Baby Girl. Not that I want my husband to be stalked, but he can defend himself. She can’t.)

Okay, that parenthetical was so long that I really just have to start over.

Rob and I have decided that TOMORROW IS BACKSPLASH DAY at Casa Riley! We have ooboodles (technical term) of gift cards from Home Depot, which I got for my birthday . . . which was in June. So, clearly, we are ON TOP OF THINGS.

But anyway, we’re both off work this week (Hallelujah and Amen) and we’ve decided that, you know, five months is ALLLLMOST long enough to put off a household project, so we might as well just go ahead and put in the backsplash. I’m not sure what kind we’re going to get, but our countertop has some kinda funky colors in it that make the mosaic-type backsplash difficult to pull off because of clashing. So I’m thinking something like this:

Not my kitchen. Also not my red cabbage.

But we’ll see. We might get to the Home Depot tomorrow and come home with something entirely different. As long as it’s still a backsplash and not some crazy light fixture or lawn ornament, I’ll be okay with it.


He refused to show his face. Shame, ’cause he’s cute.

That’s right ladies, I officially have THE COOLEST HUSBAND EVAR. And y’all, this man does not read YA. He enjoys Lord of the Rings and The Godfather. He does not, as a general rule, read other things. Although he did love Harry Potter, so I guess it makes sense that he likes Hunger Games. 

In case you missed my tweets, here are some comments he’s made so far (no spoilers):

“It’s 8:00 in the morning and there’s no coffee yet? What is this, District 12?”

“This song makes me think of Katniss and Peeta.” (Referring to the “We found love in a hopeless place” song)

“Dude. I just read the part about the dummy with “Seneca Crane” written on it. That was hilarious.”

So, I think it’s safe to say he’s enjoying it. I seriously can’t wait to go see the movie with him!

How has your weekend been?

8 thoughts on “Backsplashes, A Sudden Toddler, And Literary Miracles

  1. Yay for sweet Baby Girl toddling around! It was a WHOLE new adventure for us when H started walking. He went from walking to running in about an hour and never slowed back down. Even now, he is usually running everywhere. *big sigh* It is a good workout for me though. 🙂 Anyway, have fun with the home improvement and enjoy the week off!

    1. Yes, the running is a bit terrifying. She falls A LOT, obviously, but it doesn’t seem to faze her. And hopefully the backsplashing will be FUN and not a home improvement NIGHTMARE. 🙂

  2. First, WELCOME TO THE PHASE OF PARENTING I’D LIKE TO CALL “HEARDING CATS.” I need a play date with The Girl Who Walks Too Fast.

    Second, I love that backsplash and think it would look fab in your kitchen. Have fun with…that.

    Third, my husband read the Hunger Games series and loved them, too! He’s the same good with Rob – doesn’t read what I like in general, but I put the first one in his hands and said, “Read this.” He didn’t come up with as many clever references as the Robman, but when our now 8yo was stung by a wasp in the front yard he said something to the like of “I’m soooo thankful these weren’t suped up yellow jackets with acid stingers.”


    1. HAHAHA. I had to explain the “dog show” thing to Rob. And HEY, I’m so glad our husbands can discuss HG together!

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