Back In The Saddle Again

Hi. This will be a SUPER SPEEDY update on The Great Agent Pickle Of 2011:

In August 2008, I began writing the story that would become The Clearing. In January 2009 I landed a wonderful agent. In April 2009 we went on submission with The Clearing for the first time. In October 2010 we went on submission for the last time. In February 2011, my wonderful agent gave me the idea to self-publish the book. In September 2011, I planned to send her a brand new manuscript called Pull. But I never did.

Because she’s no longer an agent.

I attempted to transfer to someone else within Trident (the Someone Else I referred to a couple times before) but it didn’t happen. Disappointing? A bit.


After the five minute panic attack in the school bathroom (you know I had to get some weeping out of my system), I started to feel strangely excited. Here’s why:

1) Even though I originally felt like I would be right back where I started, I’m not. I’ve got OODLES more experience as a writer and I’ve got a much deeper online presence. And, AND, I totally get how all this works now. My expectations are reasonable. And I feel confident. I freaking LOVE the story of Pull. I’m confident someone else will love it, too.

2) Being unrepresented means the possibilities are limitless. Don’t get me wrong–I *loved* working with Alanna. Like, LOVE loved. But the agents I’m planning to query now are completely awesome. I’m excited to see what happens with them.

3) This is an experience that I can totally use to encourage other writers. As in: “Hey, you might get an agent, but then you might lose him/her, and that’s okay! YOU WILL NOT DIE!”

So as you might imagine, I’m running around with my hair on fire trying to get decent query letters together. I’ve already sent two (eeep!) and I’ll be sending more throughout the week. That might sound a bit quick, but let me assure you, I’ve basically ATTACKED three of my dear writer friends with draft after draft of THE QUERY LETTER.

(Melissa, Harley, and Alexandra, you have my heart FOREVER.)

(Also Eisley, although she was spared the brunt of the Query Attack. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS, Jacobs.)

Aw, look, this post doesn’t have any pictures yet. WAIT. I am here for you.

Because really, what would this blog be without a kitten picture?

Keep me in your thoughts, friends. I’m back on the Query Train!

21 thoughts on “Back In The Saddle Again

  1. Oh, GEEZ!!! Anne, I had no clue this was going on. You did such a marvelous job of maintaining a sane and lovely exterior. I would have been drunk and weeping under the table at dinner. Kudos for your poise! And I think you have a fantastic opportunity available to you now. May I suggest Holly Root? She’s kind of the only agent I’ve ever heard of, so that’s about all I’ve got to say on that particular subject. But, despite my lack of tangible help in the matter, I’m sure great things are just around the corner for you. Write on!!

    1. Hahahahaha yep, there’s some drama round these parts! Thanks for your sympathy. Also, the lovely Ms. Root may or may not already be on my list. 🙂

  2. Defiantly in my prayers! Go you Anne! AND you have a “real” day job, a husband AND baby! Look at you!!! You can do it and Pull is awesome! I can’t wait to buy my own copy one day no matter how it is published!

  3. Good luck with your agent situation — if you can handle that with half as much humor and brains as you put into your blog, then I feel confident that you’ll make it work and come out even better on the other end!

    1. Thanks Delilah! PS: I’d like to hang out with you sometime. Maybe Harley could make that happen? I think the 3 of us could have a pretty epic night out.

      1. Yes! Anytime y’all are in Atlanta, please let me know! I want to plan better for next year’s Decatur Book Fest. And there’s a Dahlonega Book Festival next weekend…

  4. You’re absoultely right. I’ve had two agents, parted ways with them, and here I am going strong! You will find your path, and it will be spectacular. 🙂 And OMG those kittens are so cute!!!

  5. Hi Anne,

    We have a mutual friend, Abby Gray, and she referred me to your blog. I would love to have a book published one day (non-fiction) too and I enjoyed reading the four parts of your journey to publication. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to following your story!


    Christen Price


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