Magic City Lit NightWriters Unite

Magic City Lit Night

This is a special announcement for writers in the Birmingham, Alabama area:

If you’re on Twitter, you may have seen that there are groups of writers in other cities who get together once a month. It’s not a formal meeting. It’s not a critique group.

It’s . . . for fun.

And guess what? I’m starting the same tradition here in the Magic City! So if you’re a writer in the Birmingham area and you think you’d be interested, send me a message through the Contact page.

We’re getting together for our inaugural merrymaking event on Friday, November 4, which is one week from today. I won’t reveal the location here, but if you email me, I’ll snoop around and confirm that you are who you say you are, and then I’ll give you all the deets.

(Call me paranoid, but there are some wackos out there, y’all.)

Happy Friday!

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